A Baby Due Date Pool

With our waiting game still going on trying to figure out Camden's arrival, I thought it may be fun to get everyone's take on it.

I found a site where anyone can put in a guess on her arrival day, time, and vitals and thought that it would be fun for our friends, family, and B&B readers to partake in the fun!

So here's what you do:
1. Go to ExpectNet 
2. Under the game name, enter CamdenCountdown {no spaces} and click the "Go" button.
3. On the next page, click on the "Enter a Guess" button
4. Complete the form following form by entering your guesses and hitting the "Submit" button.

Let's see how many {correct} guesses we can get before Camden arrives! Have fun!

37 Weeks

Weeks: 37 Weeks -- this is it!!
Weight Gain: +13 lbs. from pre-preggo weight. Looks like I've lost 2 lbs. since my last appointment!
This Week's Cravings: I've wanted a lot of sweets lately. I remember during my last pregnancy, I had a mug of rocky road ice cream with chocolate shell every night. Now, I've had a mug of cookie dough ice cream on most nights. Lately, too, I think as part of my nesting and efforts to keep busy, I've been baking a lot again. Yesterday, I made a goat cheese cheesecake, much to J's excitement. This weekend, I plan on making a s'more pie. 
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: I forgot to mention last week that although we already have a diaper bag, I convinced J to let me get another one. After much thought {and many magazine advice articles read}, I knew I needed a diaper bag that didn't just look like a diaper bag, but one that could double as a purse. Lucky enough, I was able to get one last week . . . on sale too! So, thank you, J for Camden's first Marc Jacobs tote. All I can say is be prepared, because I'm sure this will be the first of many. 
Moment of the Week: Our moment of the week actually came today {Tuesday}, which should really be considered for next week, as my preggo weeks start on Mondays; however, we do what we can. Today, we went to my doctor's appointment to check on our progress. Starting this week, my doctor's appointments are weekly. J and I were casually talking and joking around with Dr. Moore and his nurse, Kim, when Dr. Moore started doing the pelvic exam. I started to talk, but he said, "Hang on a sec, hang on a sec..." Immediately, J and I knew something was up. Sure enough, Dr. Moore told us that although my hopes of being induced today are squashed {The only reason we wanted to get induced today is because we are too excited. That, coupled with my constant discomfort, got us to joke with Dr. Moore that I'd be coming back for some Pitocin soon.} he did say that I am now 90-100% effaced and 2-3 cm. dilated!! Yessssss!!! Funny enough, I told J last night that I had a feeling we would go in and Dr. Moore would give us that news -- and I actually predicted that he would say 100% effaced and 4 cm. dilated -- but close enough! Pretty much, we are now at the "any moment now" stage. I've been doing everything to help move labor along, including sitting on my yoga ball constantly.
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: J and I came home late from an event in LA last Friday. I should consider that a cheat in itself -- I convinced him {okay, I pouted for an hour to convince him} to let me come along to a Nike event at LA Live / Nokia Center for my brother. J is so leery about me going anywhere, especially long distances, as we are, in fact, so close to labor already. However, to add more cheat to the cheat, we got back to Orange County at about 9:00 p.m. and were starving . . . so we had sushi. I only ate limited amounts of it, but still it was soooo delicious and so worth it.
Sleep Pattern: I've made it a point to drink a lot more water lately {to curb constipation, mostly}, which, of course, equates to more frequent urination. My potty trips at night have increased to about 6-7 times, about once every hour. I honestly don't mind getting up so much, as I have been able to fall back asleep fairly quickly after each trip, but the hardest part has been the actual process of getting up and out of bed. It feels like I don't realize until the last minute that I need to go, so by the time I'm dragging my heavy body off the bed, I am in near {or sometimes mid}-contraction from holding it in for so long. On top of that, maneuvering a pregnant and now lopsided body over my enormous pregnancy pillow and off our very high bed is a feat in itself. 
Things I'm Really Missing: For most of this pregnancy, I've been lucky to have been able to wear much of my regular size clothes. I told J it helps to be kind of a smaller person because I could get away with non-maternity clothes for the most part. I've noticed, however, that the past few weeks, that rule has not applied. The tank tops and shirts that I used to be able to wear comfortably are now near-midriffs, lifting at the bottom, exposing my huge belly, and since I am so close to due date, I can neither justify any more maternity clothing purchases nor am in the mood to purchase any regular clothes, in my size or larger. So I guess it helps out that J and I have pretty much agreed {although more reluctantly on my part} that I just need to stay home or local these last few weeks of the pregnancy. 
Things to Look Forward To: There really is only one thing to look forward to now . . . and from what Dr. Moore has assessed, she's only a few more days away!

Lambs and Ivy -- A Great Experience!

It isn't everyday that any of us can say that we experience good customer service. We all know: these days, it's a rarity, and I'm sure we {I, myself, included} have all written our fair share of scathing Yelp! reviews for less than satisfactory service from establishments. 

This week, however, J and I have had the absolute pleasure of dealing with a Lambs and Ivy. Lambs and Ivy is a baby and toddler bedding, gift, and accessory company based in Southern California. For over 30 years, they have been one of the top brands in baby and nursery products.

We received this gorgeous crib mobile in the mail from a friend of ours for my baby shower

I registered for this particular mobile because it was perfect to match Cam's nursery, and let's face it, I was biased towards the Lambs and Ivy brand. 

Unfortunately, the mobile was not compatible with Camden's crib. Despite having an included extension kit with the mobile, its attachment arm could not accommodate the width of the side of the crib, which is wider than that of most cribs. J, the ever patient man who fights to never disappoint his wife {and in effect, his daughter}, called Lambs and Ivy's corporate office to inquire if this was an issue they had come across before, and if there was a solution that they could recommend to "jerry-rig" the mobile onto the crib. We were surprised to find out that this was the first time the company had been informed of this issue, and J was told that the person he spoke to would ask the designers to see if they had suggestions, and that J would get a call back in a day or two.

We all know the drill. In most stories like this, the conversation ends there -- the customer never gets the call back, leaving them frustrated and having to sell the item on Craigslist, and then having to purchase a whole other mobile.

Not so, for Lambs and Ivy. Sure enough, a day later, J received a phone call from the company. Although we were told that there is no current solution to our problem, evidently, after J had spoken to Ginger, the Credit Manager at Lambs and Ivy, the designers held a meeting to discuss our particular concern and ways in which they can correct this issue for anyone else who may have a similar issue in the future. Already, I was impressed by this. It is a rarity to  hear of companies entertaining questions like ours, let alone having its designers call and hold a meeting in regards to our concern. They requested J to send them pictures of the issue so that they can find a way to tackle this problem for the future. 

As impressive as their quick and proactive response already was, they went a step further, and told J that since there is no current solution to our concern, we could not only keep the mobile, but they would also be happy to send us any item from their entire catalog instead for our trouble. J and I looked through their website and, not needing anything else in particular after the baby shower, decided on the Pink Monkey Nap Mat -- it's like a sleeping bag {without the zipper} that has a soft padded bottom, a plush and fuzzy blanket, and a pillow all attached. 
Going a step even further, Ginger sent the following reply to J after he sent them the pictures of the mobile:

This e-mail was sent yesterday and this morning, the package from Lambs and Ivy already arrived via FedEx. The products are as adorable in person as they are on the website!

What a refreshing experience to deal with a company whose products are of wonderful quality and whose service and dedication to its customers go above and beyond expectation. Kudos, Lambs and Ivy! You guys are doing a fantastic job!

A Bird Nest Theme Baby Shower

WARNING: This post is picture-heavy. It may take a few moments for your browser to load all the pictures.

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm not an easy person to work with. I am the girl who, two weeks before my wedding, {then one week before my wedding, then three days before my wedding} sent not one, not two, but THREE separate spreadsheets to all involved with the occasion -- contact sheets, itineraries, job assignments. Wanting to reassure that I did not leave a stone unturned, not one item uncovered, I swallowed any pride I had and sent them to our {not surprisingly} shocked wedding party and vendors. My husband's groomsmen, in particular, upon receipt of said spreadsheets I'm sure had looks on their faces that all resembled three letters: W. T. F. -- all with the same pausing, dramatic shock. In the end, however, I did get my way -- everyone was aware of their duties on the big day, and {I'm guessing, probably in fear of a Bridezilla blowup} ensured that their duties were met. In short, our day went without a hitch. Best party ever, we were told several times. Trust, people. Trust.

Suffice it to say, it was difficult for me to be uninvolved with my baby shower. Headed by my dear friend Amy, I tried my best to stay away from the general planning and decision making, although I did my part in crafting various items used in the party itself. I did, however, help my mom with the menu {Mom was in charge of the food}, but stayed away from any games planned by my friends, Molly & Kristen. On the day itself, I was not allowed to come to the venue until the actual time stated on the invitation. When you see these Pinterest-worthy pictures, you will see the moral of this story: as much as it is rewarding to be a control freak, there is a much bigger reward in also letting people do things for you. Although I knew much of how things were being put together, the little elements of surprise and the details of how it was all put together took my breath away. 

Before anything else, I should admit it: Okay, okay, I did do a lot of crafting for the shower. In fact, our living room looked like a baby shower warehouse before the party, as the items I made accumulated in one corner. In my defense, I have to say that I did it all because {a} Amy works full time and has a 5 year old daughter and I am home all day with a lot of time on my hands and {b} we all know how obsessed with crafting I am. 
I told you it was jam packed! I'm sure, though, that although the hostesses did not want me to help out, they knew that allowing me to craft my little heart away would get me out of the way enough for the real planning to be left to them. Tip #1: Find ways to distract Mom-zilla. -- It worked.

Amy ran the invitations by me before she ordered them. She did so because the nest on the front had 3 eggs in it -- she wanted to incorporate our Aubrey & Finley in a subtle way with their sister's baby shower. Throughout the bird nest themed shower, she incorporated three eggs in the nests to bring in Camden's two sisters whose shower never came. It was a sweet and touching tribute to them. I loved the subtlety of it all -- like a wink in the eye -- a secret we all knew and smiled silently about. 

The details:
 The favors: Pink vanilla-infused sugar

 To welcome the guests to our bird nest theme baby shower, Amy surprised me with an oil painting of a bird nest with the three eggs {ordered from Etsy} to display at the entrance to the clubhouse. This painting is HUGE and we are planning on putting it outside our house on the day that we go to the hospital, as a way to announce that our little egg is about to hatch.
Shortbread cookies with chocolate-coconut nests and chocolate eggs on top. I made these mini pedestals / cupcake stands last year for what would have been Aubrey & Finley's shower and J painted them white to use for Camden's.
 The setup: Six tables of seven to eight seats each to accommodate approximately 45 guests. Each table was draped with a white tablecloth with burlap table runners that I made. They also hung white paper lanterns from the existing chandeliers in the clubhouse.
 Another surprise from Amy: She had each guest fill out these wish cards for Cam. It was wonderful, sweet, and funny to be able to read them with J at the end of the day. 
We chose pink and gray for our birdhouses and bird nests to reflect Camden's pink and gray nursery. They also used a vintage window given to me by a friend and I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to make the doily banners, which were used in various areas throughout the space. The rest of the backdrops are foam core boards covered in muslin linen to create a neutral backdrop. Amy also bought and sprayed vintage picture frames to add more touches of pink and gray to the spread.

 The coffee station was Olivia's {Amy's daughter's} bookshelf from her bedroom. I ordered the coffee cups and sleeves online and used baker's twine to put on the bird nest stamped labels onto the sleeves. I also made the flags for the coffee stirrers that said Camden's Cafe.

The beverage station: Four beverages were lemon water, peach iced tea, strawberry basil lemonade, and "Hope Floats" -- a play on Camden's middle name -- which was a raspberry sorbet float. I was later told that the strawberry lemonade was the biggest seller. Ice cubes for the beverages were made in muffin tins days before the shower so that they were bigger and we were able to put either slices of lemon {for the water} or slices of strawberry and basil leaves {for the lemonade} and the ice lasted longer. The drinking glasses were not-exactly-mason jars that J ordered from a glass bottle company in LA. We affixed a cotton lace sleeve on each with a bird tag cut from my Silhouette. Gray and white paper straws were ordered and added for extra effect.

The centerpieces were simply 5 mason jars filled with white flowers that my mom purchased. It was simple, rustic, and sweet, while still making a beautiful statement at each table.

The food:
Everything was mini and adorable! Each food item was renamed with a bird theme. Mini muffins were called Puffin Muffins, Caprese sandwiches were Nestled Sandwiches, mini cinnamon rolls were Honey Nests, mini croissants were Perch Treats, mini apple and cherry pies were called Songbird Pies, mini macarons were A Bird in the Hand, and chicken salad sandwiches were called Chicken Little Sandwiches. The only thing that was different was the berry cups, in which we played on Camden's middle name again and called them Berry "Hope"fuls.

Everyone had such a wonderful time and needless to say, Cam is a very, very spoiled girl. 

Again, please let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so hard in making this baby shower a success and for those who made their way to attend and share in celebrating our little girl. We can't wait for her to get here and share her with everyone!

36 Weeks

Weeks: 36 Weeks
Weight Gain: According to Dr. Moore's office, I'm now +15 lbs. from pre-preggo weight. 
This Week's Cravings: Nothing, really. I've been having the same thing for breakfast everyday {a toasted whole grain English muffin with butter and raspberry jam} but I think the lack of variety is just largely due to laziness. 
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: After the baby shower and assessing everything we've received, we only had a few necessities left: a travel wipes case, mittens, some socks, newborn hats, and a clip-on high chair. We were so blessed to have been showered with so many gifts that we barely needed anything else!
Moment of the Week: Last Thursday, I had my big appointment with Dr. Moore to have the cerclage stitch removed. It was a relief to have gotten this far and it brought so much excitement to us as he filled us in on baby's growth {we are slowly headed towards a 7 1/2 lb. baby} and he did say that I was slightly effaced already. He said that my body is behaving as if I was already full term, and Camden can arrive at any moment.
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: It's actually been weeks since I've cheated. Funny enough, now that I'm this far along and actually have more leeway to cheat, I'm not doing so at all.
Sleep Pattern: My sleep has gotten much worse. Last night, for example, I woke up every hour from 10:30 p.m. until 9:30 a.m. to use the potty. During my 3:30 a.m. wake up, I actually ended up staying up for 2 hours because I couldn't go back to sleep. I have read that more frequent urination, coupled with my now-intense pelvic pain and pressure "down there" may mean that Baby is beginning to descend. I hope this is true.
Things I'm Really Missing: At this particular moment, I am missing sleep. I know that signing up to be a new mom pretty much signs me off and away from sleep, but I just miss the sleep where my body isn't aching and I am not having to pee every hour. 
Things to Look Forward To: After hearing Dr. Moore's news last week, I am looking forward to just having Camden here already. Obvi, we'd been looking forward to it for a while, but now that we are that much closer and there is nothing else {outside of doctor's appointments} as far as classes to attend and parties to do, I just really want her here already!

Next week: we will be FULL TERM! It is worth mentioning that I know literally 7-10 women who are also currently pregnant and due within two weeks of me. The first of them already had her little girl last night. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm next in line!

A Stitch In Time

Today was a very important milestone for us: Cerclage stitch removal. 

For those of you who are newer to this blog, let me explain: I was pregnant with Aubrey & Finley last year when my cervix effaced and dilated at 20 weeks. The doctors diagnosed my case as cervical incompetency. Although it could not have been detected when it first happened, measures could be taken for the next time to prevent it from doing so. Hence, the cerclage. 

A cerclage is a stitch that is placed on the cervix at around 12-14 weeks of gestation to prevent effacement and in effect, preterm labor. It is important to place the stitch in that window of time because it is past the first major milestone in the pregnancy when miscarriage is most likely, and any later could be too late as the baby's growth could put pressure on the cervix. Think of it as like a drawstring / purse string stitch to keep the cervix shut. At about 35-36 weeks, it is removed so that natural effacement, dilation, and labor can occur. 
source }

My cerclage stitch was placed at 14 weeks, last January.

Today, we went to our 2:20 p.m. appointment with Dr. Moore to remove the stitch. Seriously, the removal procedure took all of a minute and a half. He showed us the mersilene band that he used {to me, it looked like a garbage bag tie. You know, the wire ones with the paper around it.}. Though short, the procedure, I must admit, was uncomfortable, but I did my best to just relax and breathe my way through it. Before I knew it, he was done! 

Dr. Moore also measured my belly, which he says is right on target for 35-36 weeks. We saw Camden via ultrasound and he noted a strong and regular heartbeat and good, sound movements, which he said is always a great indicator of vitality. He did mention that we are headed towards a roughly 7 1/2 pound baby, and with me being only 5 ft., 4 in., he does not want me to carry a bigger baby than about 8 pounds. What does this mean? Exactly what I was dreading: He says I now have to watch what I eat. I whine, but I'm only joking. I actually I have been watching what I eat for the most part during this pregnancy, largely because of my fear of gestational diabetes. I have been lucky to have gained only about 10-15 lbs. thus far. Still, I am dreading having to give up {or at least lessen} my Oreo Dream shakes from Ruby's Diner and my Boston cream cake from Nordstrom Cafe. 

After removing the stitch, Dr. Moore also did a physical assessment of my cervix and asked me if I had been getting contractions lately. While he was measuring the cervix, he even said, "I'm touching the baby's head right now." -- Not gonna lie, it took J and me back a little bit. {We both reacted the same way: "Whoa."}

Meeting back with him in his office, Dr. Moore told us that although I am only at about 35 1/2 weeks, my body is behaving as if it is full term -- and that's okay. He told me that I could literally go into labor at any moment, and with Camden's measurements and his general assessment of the situation, we would have little to nothing to worry about if she does decide to make an early appearance. My cervix, apparently, had already effaced a little bit due to the contractions that I have already been having lately. 

This is it! I have been waiting 9 months thus far to say this: We are at the home stretch! I don't even know if I can relay my excitement for Camden's arrival. Funny enough, being so scared and leery of overconfidence, I have watched quite a few birth videos online, just to knock some reality back in my head of what I will be going through, but really, it hasn't scared my usually very squeamish self. This little girl is all we have wanted, all we are waiting for, and nothing is going to stop me from wishing and waiting for her to be here.

Like NOW.

35 Weeks

Weeks: 35 Weeks
Weight Gain: I am still going by my own personal calculations and now I have gained 17.5 lbs. from my pre-preggo weight
This Week's Cravings: With the doughnut craving past and the cran-grape juice dependency a thing of yesteday, I am kind of at a loss of cravings. The appetite is there, but instead of gorging on meals, I have found myself eating small meals or snacks several times throughout the day. This must be what it's like towards the end of pregnancy, as Baby gets bigger, and leaving less room in my belly for food. 
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: You would think that after a baby shower as big as mine, we wouldn't need anything else! We are so thankful for a successful and BEAUTIFUL shower. {Post to come!} Camden's wardrobe is fairly set for the next two years, and we have an insurmountable amount of baby gear ready for our girl. The only thing we had left that we purchased was a high chair, and we opted for one that hooks onto the dining room table, as both J and I are not fans of the standalone chairs. {I think it's largely because we are so overwhelmed with the amount of baby gear and furniture that we were showered with that the addition of even just one more item is going to cause our house to implode!} Now that the shower is over and we were able to use the gift cards and cash we received for last minute purchases, I can honestly and positively say that we are DONE. All we need now is our baby to come along and make use of all her loot!
Moment of the Week: This entire past week in and of itself has been an accomplishment. We had a class to go to each night on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and in between each, we were doing last minute preparations for the baby shower. I would say that the entire shower itself was a great moment. What a feeling to be surrounded by friends and family and for me, it wasn't about being showered with gifts {although I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a perk!} but being showered with so much love and support. We have been through hell and back these past 14 months, and are so thankful to be where we are now. We are so close, I can taste it!  
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: Aside from a sip of iced tea, I haven't really cheated at all this past week. It's a rare occasion, but hey, I pulled it off!
Sleep Pattern: Despite the pregnancy insomnia that stemmed from last week as well as the frequent potty trips, I've been doing my best to just sleep normal hours. Of course, it doesn't help that there is this obnoxious bird that chirps an alarm clock-esque tune every morning to wake me up, but other than that, I've been trying to wind my body down and save energy for our big event. I know I'll need and miss my rest then.
Things I'm Really Missing: I have been dreaming of milk tea boba this past week. For those who don't know, milk tea boba is made of sweetened black tea with cream and boba are tapioca balls that are placed at the bottom of the cup. The beverage is drunk with a thick straw so as to allow the boba pearls to go up. Since the liquid is made of black tea, I think that it would be too much caffeine for me so I have to wait until after the pregnancy to have it. It is so delicious and I miss it so much right now. 
Things to Look Forward To: This Thursday is a big day. It is the day that Dr. Moore is removing the cerclage stitch during my appointment. From what J and I were told, after the stitch is removed, they will keep me in the office for an hour or so to monitor me, in the event that I go into labor {which, though the chances are slim, could definitely happen}. At that point, I will only be 35 1/2 weeks along but I was told that even if Cam decides to make her grand entrance on that day, she would be just fine. Of course, the closer to 40 weeks she stays in utero, the better, but either way, we are prepared for her arrival any time after that!

It's a little hard to believe that in two weeks, I will be full term. With what we have been through the past 2 years, this experience and being this far along seems surreal, and we know that it is through support from family and friends coupled with our faith in God that we have not only survived, but also come out on top. We can't wait to pass these lessons along to our little girl.

34 Weeks

Weeks: 34 weeks -- 6 weeks to go!!
Weight Gain: Initially, my calculations had been +16 lbs. from pre-pregnancy weight, but after this week's appointment, I was told differently. Apparently since week 4, according to my doctor's records, I have only gained 10 lbs.! This concerned me a little bit, but he told us that the baby is measuring just fine and that I should just consider myself lucky. {My calculations were +16 lbs. because prior to pregnancy, I never looked at the scale whenever they weighed me -- as in, I looked AWAY! So what I had been doing was make a guesstimate of my starting weight and went from there.}
This Week's Cravings: Baby and I are still powered by at least one chocolate glazed doughnut per day. I know that J would normally not be happy about this, but with the pregnancy so far along and with me making sure that I wash it down with tons of water per day and eating tons of veggies with my other meals, I think he's letting it slide. 
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: We are so close to the shower that J and I are afraid to get anything else until it passes. We did, however, start unpacking the giant box of newborn diapers we bought a couple of months ago and put it in Cam's changing table drawers already. We went through her closet to see what we can unpack now and we feel so, so ready!
Moment of the Week: One night this week, I was laying on my back for a little bit and then I saw the right side of my belly rise up and stay there! I felt it and it was so incredibly hard on that side and the left side of the belly was soft -- and we figured out that it was Camden sticking out her little butt at us. Sassy little thing . . .
On top of that, I think finishing all the paperwork we need, getting pre-registered at the hospital, and wrapping up all the other necessities for our hospital bags made us both sigh with relief and anticipation. It's quite a sight to see J's daddy backpack, my bag, and Cam's diaper bag all set in the corner of our bedroom, ready to be grabbed to go! 
During our appointment with Dr. Moore on Thursday, he also gave us the schedule of the next few weeks for us. He said that on my next appointment which is on June 14th, we will have the cerclage stitch removed. On that day, they will keep me under observation as there is a teensy chance that I could go into labor -- it's a small chance, but they don't want to risk sending me home, only to have me go into labor. After Dr. Moore explained it to us, I asked him what would happen after. I was a little concerned that I could go into labor before 37-40 weeks, but he said that because Camden measures on the "fuller" side, he is not worried at all. He then smiled at both of us and threw his hands in the air and said, "After that, be prepared to be parents!" I think that for both J and I, it was a big jolt of excitement! 
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: J and I went to grab some Thai food the other day and I decided to have a Thai iced tea. When I had Thai iced tea during the last pregnancy, I remember being up until 3-4 a.m. because the girls were so hyped up and tumbled all night. That in mind, I drank so much water to dilute it that I stayed up anyway -- this time going to the potty about 10-12 times that night!
Sleep Pattern: I've been getting a very mild case of pregnancy insomnia, going to bed at about 1:00 - 2:00 a.m. each night. This, of course, results in my waking up at 10:00 a.m. the past few days, which I have not been so happy about, but am not fighting anyway :-)
Things I'm Really Missing: J asked me a similar question the other night. He asked what I was looking forward to the most after pregnancy, as far as my body. I told him that I wanted to feel comfortable enough to be able to sit down for a long time without backaches and side cramps or without my sweet little girl getting irritated and kicking my ribs for it. 
Things to Look Forward To: I am absolutely thrilled that this weekend is my baby shower. My dearest friends, Amy, Molly, Kristen and my mom have been planning this for a few months, in total party mode. I am so, so, so excited to see everyone.
Our countdown this week is at 1, 2, 3:
1 week {less, actually} until the baby shower
2 weeks until the cerclage removal
3 weeks until we are FULL TERM!

These past 9-10 months have flown by so fast and in a few short weeks, we will get the biggest reward of it all.