About me

my name is Angela.
my family calls me Cheers or Cheezee. 
{don't ask -- we're Filipino}
my husband calls me Babe or Honey
but never my real name, unless we are fighting.
both my brothers call me Ate
which means "older sister" in Filipino.
{even if i am older than only ONE of them}

i married my best friend and love of my life in 2010
i am the mommy of two angels,
Aubrey Faith & Finley Grace
who were born silently on march 22, 2011.
they took my heart with them,
but through our love and loss
they have taught us to
give more, share more, love more.

i work full time and love my job,
but i also like to
cook, bake, do crafts, decorate, scrapbook
plan parties, plan events, plan everything!
i make lists for everything i do

and i've been keeping a planner since i was 11 years old
{weird, i know.} 

my husband and i both grew up and live in 
sunny southern california.
we love the beach and the outdoors.
{he'll never admit this in public but . . .}
we love to cuddle and hold hands and kiss and watch movies together at home.
i love that while he is a "man's man"
{he loves tools, guns, cars, history, and sports}
he's not too cool to cook, help with dishes and / or laundry.
{and still i have yet to get him to watch The Notebook with me}

we have lots of ups and our share of downs.
our life is filled with 
triumphs and tragedy,
happiness & heartache,
{and many more alliterations}
and this blog is meant to document all of it.

thanks for stopping by and being a part of our adventure!
make sure to leave me some love through your comments!