25 Weeks

Weeks: 25 -- fifteen left to go!
Weight Gain: +6 lbs. from pre-pregnancy weight... starting to pack them on!
This Week's Cravings: Although I continued to crave chocolate croissants, I'd been able to steer clear from them for a few days. I've also continued to chug on my 50/50 concoctions of water and cran-grape juice. I think we've bought a gallon jug every three days. On Saturday night, I had a 1:00 a.m. craving for an orange popsicle!  When I told J, he grumpily {yet still willingly} got out of bed, got into jeans and a hoodie, and started to head downstairs so we could go to CVS to get some. Luckily, I checked the freezer before we opened the front door, and BOOM -- a brand new box of popsicles was already there! Guess we both got lucky I stockpiled on that stuff! Since then, I'd had at least one everyday. Baby B gets so excited after I eat each one.
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: I've been really good this past week as far as spending that believe it or not {I hope you're sitting down}, I actually did not purchase one single thing for either one of us this week. {It helps that we have most everything taken care of for her already}
Moment of the Week: Especially compared to the past two weeks, Baby B's movements have mellowed out this week, which, of course, leave her neurotic mamma checking around the belly every few minutes for signs of movement. {Lucky for me, my daughter knows when to put on a show} We went to our doctor's appointment last week {on Thursday} and were told that everything is going fantastically and that our little one is active and well. She was doing so well that she refused to let us get a decent profile shot of her and instead, decided to be an even classier girl and moon us instead. 
Needless to say, I'm starting to question whether in 18 years, she will be getting a bid to join her Mamma's sorority if this behavior continues. My daughter, evidently, has a little less class but a little more sass. 
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: On Sunday, we met up with J's friends to celebrate a birthday at one of our favorite sushi places. Although I ordered vegetable tempura and pork tonkatsu, I was not ashamed and had a few pieces of sushi. If you've ever had Taka-O's tataki sauce, you wouldn't blame me either. That stuff is so amazing that not only did I request for two sides of it to dip my tempura and tonkatsu in, but I very well contemplated stealing the ramekins of leftover sauce -- and this is not the first time I've thought about doing so!
Things to Look Forward To: We have another appointment next week with Dr. Moore. On that same day, I will be doing my {dreaded} glucose test. Ask J, "gestational diabetes" has been my catch phrase during this pregnancy. My mom had it when she was pregnant with my little brother and I have been doing my best to manage the sugar intake {hence my 50/50 juice and water}, and it's really helped me not gain as much weight as I thought I might.
Sleep Pattern: Sleeping has been pretty easy for me lately. Yesterday, I actually thought I was starting to get sick -- and I must have been, as I ended up taking not one but two naps during the day, and I had no problems going to bed that night. The only thing that's been interrupting my sleep is the frequent bathroom trips. I told J last night, if my potty breaks are this bad at 6 1/2 months, can you imagine how they will be when I am 8 1/2 or 9 months along?!?! Holy cow.
Things I'm Really Missing: Since I was able to satisfy my need for both sushi and popsicles, I've been on solid ground. I'm trying not to concentrate so much on wanting iced tea {looks like my fixation is particularly on Snapple lemon iced tea and raspberry iced tea} by just thinking of how much worse it would make my constant visits with the potty. So far, I'm hanging in!
Other notable things:
1. Baby is a night owl. My erratic sleeping patterns have taught me that my daughter is a late nighter. Seems like every night, at around 1:00 a.m. {when Mamma is busy pinning away on Pinterest}, she kicks and moves a lot, so much so that when I have my laptop on a pillow {never directly} on my belly, I see it jolt sometimes. Makes me giggle.
2. Baby is now head-down. Dr. Moore showed us this during her ultrasound. Her head is now closer to the cervix and her feet are up at the top of the uterus. No wonder I'm feeling more flutters closer to my chest. The down side of this {no pun intended}: each time she moves her head, it hits my bladder. I talked to Dr. Moore about the mild pelvic pressure I've been feeling {perfectly normal, I'm told} and we're all deducing that it's Camden trampolining off Mamma's bladder. Thanks, kiddo.
3. Me = neurotic. Last week, I went potty and a piece of thread  {a remnant from a craft I worked on earlier} came off my clothes and fell into the toilet. I immediately thought my cerclage stitch came out. What a freak show.

As of next week, which is 26 weeks, I will be officially 6 1/2 months along!! Sooo close!


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