I've been quiet all week.
To J's relief, I've been a pretty good patient this year:
No arguments about not being able to do anything,
Staying in the same 45 degree or flatter position for most of the day,
Not pushing myself {at least not too much}.

But in my head, the same whirlwind of activity has continued
{perhaps even crazier than ever}.
I'm nervous, and anxious, and scared, and excited...
all rolled up into one very neurotic {and seemingly always very hungry} girl.

All week, I had looked forward to the weekend, not for the normal reasons {although, I must say, this weekend with just J and me at home has been particularly relaxing and wonderful despite the anxiety} but because I have been looking forward to this:
I know I'm supposed to be patient and wait until Monday and Wednesday for my blood tests,
but let's be real: It wouldn't be me if I wasn't cheating a little and having what my friend Molly calls a "Pee Stick Party"
{Only appropriate for this usage, by the way. In any other context, it's just wrong!} :-)

Tune in for Pee Stick Party results!


kellymedens said...

You are leaving me in suspense! :) and being Hungry is a GREAT thing.... really great

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