A Great Surprise

As most of you may have already read 
{as plastered on both J's and my personal Facebook pages, along with the B&B Facebook Page},
today was our survey ultrasound.

A survey ultrasound is normally done between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. During this procedure, they measure the baby's internal organs {lungs, kidneys, etc.} along with making sure all appendages are there -- arms, legs, and yes, perhaps a little penis if it's a boy.

During our last pregnancy, we also had the survey ultrasound done right at 20 weeks, and it was when we were told of the cervical incompetency, and were immediately sent to Labor & Delivery. We lost Aubrey & Finley the next day. 

Needless to say, both J and I were anxious about this ultrasound. On top of making sure the baby was healthy and normal, we were very curious to check on the cervical length. We both breathed a collective sigh of relief when the radiologist told us that the cervical length was good. Whew.

Moreover, we knew what this ultrasound entailed: gender reveal. As per the doctor's instructions, I drank tons of water this morning before the appointment {They recommended 24 oz. of water. I drank 38 oz. instead} and even had a handful of Nestle Dibs ice cream. Pregnancy websites and literature often say that drinking some orange juice "wakes up" the baby to make for a good "show" at the ultrasound. True to character of being my child, this one doesn't "wake up" with juice. Each time I eat ice cream, the flutters begin. 

After the initial 30 minutes of ultrasound measurements and examination {as well as two high volume trips to the restroom}, the radiologist called J into the room. He held my hand as we anxiously awaited the view of what my doctor calls "the snail or the McDonald's sign". Evidently, a snail shape on the screen shows testicles and a McDonald's sign shows the corresponding female parts.

The radiologist struggled for a few moments as my newly-ice-cream-fed {and therefore, very active} child squirmed around. Finally, we got a clear shot from the baby's bottom {what a cute little butt!}, only to find that the baby's legs were crossed. Despite our attempts to try to get the baby to move, he/she would not. 

The radiologist then said, "Well, I don't see testicles."

When J and I pictured the moment we found out our baby's gender, that wasn't exactly the definite line we were looking for. I prodded with a few more questions {"Sooo... we're not sure if it's a boy?" and "Sooo... I need to set another appointment to confirm?"}. Luckily, the radiologist followed up, saying that normally, if the baby is a boy, the testicles would be very prominent on the screen, despite the baby having crossed legs {In fact, I was told the same by my friend Amy when I called her after I left the appointment}. Evidently, the appearance of the "snail" would be unmistakable, and if I am not mistaken, I thought I saw a sideways McDonalds sign at one point or another {even during the moments when I really thought the baby was a boy}. 

We were elated to finally hear the radiologist say those magic words:
Suffice it to say, we are beyond thrilled to hear this news. Although we both prepared to hear that it was a boy {I was convinced that it was}, God knows we both prayed for a girl. Especially after the loss we suffered, our hearts really longed for a baby girl. 

And I know God knows what's in our hearts and He truly hears our prayers.
On a side note, if, for example, a follow up ultrasound reveals a snail, we would be equally joyous and thankful. After all, first and foremost, we just want a happy, healthy, normal baby. 
For now, we are celebrating on Cloud 9. Perhaps this would be a good time to stop by our church to say a quick thank you and then bake a cake . . . with pink icing, of course.

Maybe after a nap.


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