19 Weeks!!

One more week to the halfway mark!

Weight gain: No, I haven't weighed myself. I actually look away when they weigh me at the doctor's office. Fine, I'll start doing it.
This week's cravings: Soy iced chai from Coffee Bean, Nestle Dibs (I swear, I had like 30 pieces in one sitting), and turkey sandwiches with provolone or swiss, lettuce, and lots of mayo and mustard
New maternity or baby purchases: Nothing for the baby this week, but I finally found some decent skinny maternity jeans! Hooray!
Things to look forward to: Going to Las Vegas this week for four days for J's work convention. So excited for free 5-star restaurant meals! After we get back, I have my 20 week appointment and then on Monday (the 27th) we will find out the baby's gender! (J would not agree to do it sooner than 20 weeks!)
This week's pregnancy cheat: Had a couple of sips of Thai iced tea during dinner on Friday. 
Tired / sick / sleepy? Generally just tired, but this pregnancy has been fairly manageable with the sickness part. Been trying to avoid naps so that I don't throw my sleeping pattern too much at night, as I hate waking up later than 9:00 a.m.

Can't wait until we can reveal the baby's gender next week! Stay tuned!


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