Our Sweet Pea's Nursery

We finally finished!

After almost three months of tedious research, work, furniture assembly, a series of serendipitous finds, and crafting, Camden's nursery is finally done!

There are still a few blank spots {i.e. some books to put into her bookshelf, some toys for aesthetics}, but the nursery is otherwise complete.

As soon as we found out her gender, we knew it was time to proceed with the room revamp. J immediately scheduled for painters to come and paint the room. 
We already had the paint from before -- we purchased it last year for Aubrey & Finley. The room, which was J's son, Nathaniel, and my brother, Ryan's room, with two twin beds, a big TV, a bookshelf, and their Playstation 3, had walls that were painted a light butterscotch. We changed the room to now be a light cloud gray.
Once the paint was dry, J and I installed the pink curtains we had purchased last year. Then he hired an electrician to come in and install the chandelier, another purchase that we already owned in preparation for Aubrey & Finley last year. The room did not have a ceiling outlet for lighting, so we had to hire someone to do a re-wire so that we would be able to hang the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. J had this chandelier custom designed and made for the girls, and it was bittersweet to finally see it go up. 
After the chandelier was installed, it was time to start putting in the furniture. We are absolutely in love with the crib that we got for her. We searched and scoured every source we could possibly find to get a solid-backed convertible crib, and we were so happy to find this one! It was important for us to get a crib that was solid wood {not particle board, the way so many these days are made} and one that converts into a toddler bed, then a full-size bed. It was as if it was meant to be -- this crib is normally sold only in specialty boutiques was carried for a limited time at Babies R Us! The best part was that what normally was an over $500 crib was purchased on sale for $250! 
Once the crib was in place, we moved in the changing table. The changing table was another piece that we were incredibly picky about. During the last pregnancy, even if we had already ordered the cribs for the girls {which we returned after we lost them}, we couldn't make up our minds as to where to purchase the right changing table. Again, we wanted something that was solid wood, white, and that looked more like a dresser {not one that looks like a cart with open compartments}. 

Around the same time the changing table was placed, we also found a rocking chair from Room and Board. The rocking chair was a purchase that kinda daunted us, as the style I wanted cost a little more than the usual ones. I wanted a fully upholstered chair -- nothing that was of the wood-glider-with-pad style. After purchasing the chair, I found a storage ottoman from Ikea that matched it perfectly as well. I made the pink accent pillow with her monogram and the bear is something from J's late grandmother that was handed down to us when I was pregnant with Aubrey & Finley. Finally, it has found a place in Grandma Bench's great granddaughter's room. 

We also found a corner bookshelf from You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find a white corner bookshelf that doesn't look like a baker's rack!

Other final touches include a side table also purchased from Ikea, the adorable pink floor lamp that my mom so kindly bought for the room, the custom vinyl monogram I ordered from Etsy, some Rachel Ashwell bedding, the prayer cross that we put up in memory of her sisters, and the pink shabby mirror I found at Home Goods. The picture frames were a gift from our friend Amy.
I was also really happy to find the rug for the room. Quite honestly, I was afraid to venture outside of our gray and pink color scheme, but the addition of the green turned out to be a great pop of color! The rug itself was also a major score: We found a baby boutique in Costa Mesa that was closing and was selling various items at closeout prices. This brand new, boutique-style rug, normally sold for $150, was bought for {are you sitting down?} a whopping $20. Like I said, I was a little leery to get it because of the color scheme, but thank goodness, my husband insisted that we get it. The pink and green match perfectly with the pink and green piggy bank that sits on the bookshelf.
     Another item I am particularly proud of is inside the cabinet part of her changing table. It is her bow and clip organizer and I made it about two months ago for her.
The fabric I used for the bow and clip organizer matches the one used on the bunting banner for her door.
I love the feel of this nursery. It's serene, elegant, and a peaceful place for us to cuddle and love on our little girl. It's really ready for Camden's arrival. 

One of my favorite items in the room is the sign that is at the top of the bookshelf. It says everything about how we feel for our little girl, and with her room ready and pretty much complete, it is ever more fitting now.

"For this child, I prayed." {1 Samuel 1:27}


Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

It's beautiful! I love it so much...and the rug is we wait! : )

Anonymous said...

Ang - the nursery is so pretty. I Love your sign - we dreamed of you. Brought tears to my eye. God bless you all. Jen C

nikkidelapaz said...

it looks so nice :)

Jennifer said...

Great job! Beautiful!

Ruby Agustin said...

like you said, it's complete!!

now, we just wait for Camden - its official and exclusive occupant!!

BTW - have i told you the nursery's perfect?

cribs for twins said...

This looks so cute!

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