38 Weeks

Yes, for goodness sake, I am hoping that this will be the last belly picture of this pregnancy we will have to take! 

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I would say that I've been pretty good during this pregnancy as far as not whining about the aches and pains . . . But at this point, I'm ready to contact the Pregnancy Complaint Department {who do we call about these things?}. I'm achy everywhere. My hips hurt, my pelvis is sore, "down there" feels like it's going to explode so bad that putting on pajama pants {or any bottoms for that matter} feels like I'm going to tear a muscle {ahem, THE muscle} each time. 

Yesterday, during my now-weekly appointment, Dr. Moore told us that my cervix is now 100% effaced and paper thin, and I'm 3 centimeters dilated {Last week, I was about 90% effaced and 2-3 centimeters dilated}. Yes, it was progress, but not enough progress for my pregnant, waddling ass. I mentioned to him that I've been feeling TONS of pressure and sharp pains "down there" and he said that's a good sign that things are progressing well. My belly is measuring at 37 centimeters from top to bottom, indicating that this little one is going to be between 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 pounds at birth.

My next appointment is not until next Thursday, a whopping 10 days after yesterday's appointment, and to me, they may as well have scheduled it for next January. Dr. Moore said that between yesterday and next week, I have a 25-30% chance of going into labor. {I mean, really, where do they get these numbers?} He did give me the option yesterday of stripping the membranes, a process that is said to {more} naturally induce labor. Stripping the membranes involves manually separating the amniotic sac from the uterus so the body would produce oxytocin, the hormone that causes the uterus to contract. I've read mixed reviews online about it -- some say it worked for them immediately, and some said that they experienced cramping for 2 days until labor started. Granted, most, if not all, of those women were not effaced as much or dilated as much as I am now, but at any rate, Dr. Moore, though he was willing to do so yesterday, did recommend that we wait until I am at least 39 weeks to do so.

We left the appointment yesterday with mixed emotions. Although J and I were both excited to hear that there was at least some progress, I, for one, Ms. Go-Go-Go herself, was not satisfied at the amount of the progress that had occurred. With my waddle and the pain getting worse everyday, I was really hoping Dr. Moore would tell me to hop back into the car and drive to Labor and Delivery ASAP. I was so messed up that I found J trying to look up YouTube videos under the search "grouchy pregnant women".

Of course, because God hears everything that I have been complaining about in my head, I am constantly reminded of where I am and how far we've come.
I know that Camden's arrival is a mere days away. DAYS. It's easy to forget that a year ago at this time, J and I were running amok trying to keep ourselves busy, trying to distract ourselves from the loss we had just experienced, the biggest loss of our lives. And now, here we are, a mere days, if not hours away from the biggest blessing we could imagine.

It's easy to complain; it's easy to be impatient; and it's the easiest to be angry, but in the end, what I know has yielded the best results is trust and faith in God and His timing. 

While I dream and hope and wish of going into labor tonight or tomorrow and being able to whisper into Camden's ear that the fireworks we see out the window tomorrow are all for her, I am also putting my hands together and lifting my eyes to heaven in prayers of thanks and gratitude. I know that whatever these next few hours or days hold will be nothing compared to finally getting to hold our little girl in our arms.

{{ In the meantime, help keep me entertained and share your guesses on her arrival! Visit THIS POST to cast your vote! }}


Ruby Agustin said...

Hang in there - you've come this far, like you said . . .she's almost here!!



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