no escape.

There is no escape.

They're everywhere.

As much as I know it's a reality, and I know that there is no avoiding it, I see it all the time and I find myself seething in . . . I don't even know. I just know I'm seething.

It's like a cruel joke. I have gone through this loss and I get it, when it happens to you, suddenly, you're seeing everything that hurts.

Today, I went to the store and saw FOUR (count them: FOUR) pregnant women right when I came in. I mean, really?

I get home and had a package waiting for me at the door. I had a fleeting moment of "You Got Mail" excitement, until I opened it up and it turned out to be a marketing packet. {they probably got my name from some public list} And it was the WORST marketing packet it could be:

And it's not as if it was sent to everyone on the block. I was singled out as a "pregnant" person. They meant to send it to me.

Yep, a sample tub of formula. I thought to myself, Could it get any worse?

Fate's answer: Why yes, it could... I opened up my email box to find this:
Three different emails of kid-related stuff.

On Facebook, it seems that all my friends are either pregnant, have new babies, or already have babies. 

I get it. I'm surrounded by it. Can't get away from it. The best thing I can do is just grin and bear it. I wake up everyday and go to bed every night. Each day is one step closer to the next phase of our lives.

What is something YOU try to escape from but can't?



Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

I'm sorry Angela, that must hurt so much. We still pray for you guys and hope that God blesses you with more little one(s) soon!

In the meantime I have a book recommendation for you--it's called One Thousand Gifts. The tagling is Dare to Live FULLY Right Where You Are and it's by Ann Voskamp. She is an amazing Christian woman who has had her share of heartbreaks and the book is her mission to find joy in the midst of it. It is SOOOOO good...I am on chapter 5 and I love it. It has encouraged and changed my heart for the better so much. I hope you will read it! xoxo

Angela said...

Thanks Carla! I will have to check it out! I saw your blog post about it and thought I should read it too... you know what they say about great minds!

P.S. Did you see -- I put your button on my blog! Love you guys!

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