I just had to say THANKS and share a couple of things.

{this post title is goofy, I know.}
But I do have a few random thoughts tonight...

Every so often, a friend or two asks me, "How are you doing?"
Not in the "Hey, how are ya" kind of way
But in the I-really-do-want-to-know "How are you doing?"
kind of way.
Lately, it seems that I've gotten more "how are you doing's" than normal. {like a lot this week}
And that always makes this girl feel pretty loved.
So I just wanted to say Thank You to my friends and loved ones who have taken the time to send love and thoughts
{both during this week and other times}
I don't know if I can ever relay how far your sweet wishes go.


I've been missing the girls so much more this week. 
Who am I kidding . . . I miss them all the time and more and more each day.
And I wonder how people go on
and how some people tell me that I can go on
When life seems to have stopped for me.
And completely, too.
Then I came across this saying that explained it all to me:

I'm sure Mr. Poe meant this for a lover, but for us, we mean this for our little ones.

And that explains it all.


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