a successful {surprise} party

Last weekend's trip to Northern California was a blast.
That's a given.
But part of what made it more fun
{and yes, a little more rewarding}
was being able to be part of the planning and successful execution of
a SURPRISE 50th birthday party for one of J's aunts
{and coincidentally, one of my favorite people in the world!}.

A little background . . .
Aunt Karen is J's aunt through marriage {she is married to J's mom's brother}
and from the moment I met her, I realized
this lady and I have a LOT in common:
one of which is a love of SHOES...

And what better theme for her birthday party than that.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry's daughter, Ashley 
{who we lovingly and quite appropriately call Smashley}
was one of my bridesmaids
and I absolutely {heart} her.
Good thing for good ol' Smash: she had just recently turned 21

and all in time, right before her mom's party in a WINE CAVE! {pretty rad, huh?}

The decor {if I may say so myself} was pretty fabbies.
{kudos and thanks to my husband who painstakingly spray painted each of the shoebox centerpieces days before the party!}

We had a fabulous time hanging out, drinking good wine, and seeing family!

And I am totally proud of being able to say I helped plan this surprise!


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