The Biggest Things Come In The Smallest Packages

Yesterday, a day of back to back doctor's appointments,
we were officially introduced to the most special someone.
Not that we needed any more introduction.
After a few weeks of increased appetite, mood swings, hot flashes, and more recently, a nasty bout of nausea,
I'm pretty sure we have been well acquainted with the new tenant in my belly.

Still, yesterday's formal introductions
and not to mention the sound of his / her heartbeat
were milestones I will never, never forget.

The best part of it all: the most magical sound ever.
A heart rate of 110 BPM or higher is considered acceptable.
Our little overachiever had a heart rate of 156 BPM. He / She is a strong one!
8 weeks down, 32 more to go!

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Tamra Augostino said...

Congratulations on the lil peanut. My baby is 17 years old but I remember the thrill of the ultrasound. :)

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