Baby Belly Picture Project

I paced and paced.
And paced some more.
I did this for a good . . . 10 minutes (which is a lot when you're doing nothing else but pacing).
In my head I was debating on what to do with these pictures. Originally, they were going to be solely for the baby book, but upon consultation with my cohort in crime (a.k.a. J), we decided that with all the work we'd been putting into this project, it wouldn't do it justice to just keep it to ourselves. J suggested that it may be a good thing to share on the blog. 

And if you're wondering, the answer is yes, I plan to keep this up as the rest of the weeks go by. 

Happy Valentines Day!!
All our love,
J, A, & Baby Bench


Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

This made me cry! So beautiful and SOOOO fun! Thank you for sharing it...praying for all of you! xoxo

audrey said...

love, love, love, sis! very beautiful. not just the project but most especially, you and baby b! take care always and watch what you eat. not too much sweets, ok? :) lovey

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