33 Weeks

Weeks: 33 weeks -- it's all becoming so REAL now!
Weight Gain: +15 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight
This Week's Cravings: In the short duration of my previous pregnancy, I noticed that I wanted everything savory and salty. I wanted nothing but salt and vinegar chips, steak, chicken strips, and cocktail onions. During this latter part of this pregnancy, I have wanted sweets. Granted, I am still so careful so as to maintain my surprisingly minimal weight gain as well as to not be a poster child for type II diabetes, but I have wanted {and gotten} my fair share of sweets. We have continued to keep a supply of cran-grape juice in the fridge along with the now staple package of Oreos on the kitchen counter. I have also wanted and eaten doughnuts often. In this case, often means actually eating them at all. I normally don't like doughnuts, let alone to eat them by themselves as breakfast, but for some reason only known to the pregnancy gods, I have LOVED them as of late. I even shamelessly eat them as an afternoon snack and on Saturday afternoon, made requested J go out and grab me a chocolate glazed doughnut before our nearby doughnut store closed. As I type this, I am salivating at the thought; clearly, we know what I will be having tomorrow for breakfast.
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: With the baby shower coming up in less than two weeks, J and I have tried our best to really steer clear of baby purchases. It hasn't exactly been easy, especially with my always-anticipated Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale having just passed last week, but we've managed to be good and he certainly has been especially pleased with my efforts.
Moment of the Week: The other night, during storytime, I laughed so hard when I realized what book J picked to read aloud to his daughter:
Evidently, someone's fear of a zombie apocalypse is more real than we originally thought. 
Aside from that, I think J and I were both excited to finally start preparing our hospital bags this past weekend. He brought out the Daddy Diaper Bag that I got him for Christmas, started going through checklists online and one that we made together and filling his bag with essentials.
{I think he really loves his Daddy Daypack. I know it definitely makes him less weary of carrying around baby gear, knowing especially that he doesn't have to be seen with the flowery design of my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag}
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: We had a neighborhood Memorial Day block party this weekend and our neighbor and friend Lisa brought over some of her watermelon slushee {with vodka} and gave me a sip. I swear, I took the tiniest sip, and although it was delicious, I couldn't help but freak out and rinse out with water. What a spaz I turned out to be.
Sleep Pattern: It's still the same -- sleep is generally good, despite being interrupted several times a night by frequent bathroom trips.
Things I'm Really Missing: Right now, I'm just really missing not getting backaches and side cramps. With a baby who is not only growing physically but also seemingly growing more antsy and more demanding about what positions she likes me to be in, it has become increasingly hard to get comfortable in any position. Still not complaining, but definitely just missing having some semblance of painlessness in my body.
Things to Look Forward To: This week, not only do we have class 4 {of the series of 5} of Lamaze, we also have the first of two pre-baptismal classes too. We want to ensure that Cam gets baptized very soon after birth, and these classes are mandatory at our church for any parents looking to baptize their children. Both J and I feel that it is extremely important to raise children with a knowledge and faith in God, and the earlier we can do it for Cam, the better.
All in all, we are counting down the very short weeks until Cam's arrival. We are excited that the shower will be here in a week and a half. After that, the cerclage removal will occur the week immediately following... and after that, we will be at 37 weeks = FULL TERM! She could arrive any minute after that!! What an exciting and glorious and blessed time for our family!


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