34 Weeks

Weeks: 34 weeks -- 6 weeks to go!!
Weight Gain: Initially, my calculations had been +16 lbs. from pre-pregnancy weight, but after this week's appointment, I was told differently. Apparently since week 4, according to my doctor's records, I have only gained 10 lbs.! This concerned me a little bit, but he told us that the baby is measuring just fine and that I should just consider myself lucky. {My calculations were +16 lbs. because prior to pregnancy, I never looked at the scale whenever they weighed me -- as in, I looked AWAY! So what I had been doing was make a guesstimate of my starting weight and went from there.}
This Week's Cravings: Baby and I are still powered by at least one chocolate glazed doughnut per day. I know that J would normally not be happy about this, but with the pregnancy so far along and with me making sure that I wash it down with tons of water per day and eating tons of veggies with my other meals, I think he's letting it slide. 
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: We are so close to the shower that J and I are afraid to get anything else until it passes. We did, however, start unpacking the giant box of newborn diapers we bought a couple of months ago and put it in Cam's changing table drawers already. We went through her closet to see what we can unpack now and we feel so, so ready!
Moment of the Week: One night this week, I was laying on my back for a little bit and then I saw the right side of my belly rise up and stay there! I felt it and it was so incredibly hard on that side and the left side of the belly was soft -- and we figured out that it was Camden sticking out her little butt at us. Sassy little thing . . .
On top of that, I think finishing all the paperwork we need, getting pre-registered at the hospital, and wrapping up all the other necessities for our hospital bags made us both sigh with relief and anticipation. It's quite a sight to see J's daddy backpack, my bag, and Cam's diaper bag all set in the corner of our bedroom, ready to be grabbed to go! 
During our appointment with Dr. Moore on Thursday, he also gave us the schedule of the next few weeks for us. He said that on my next appointment which is on June 14th, we will have the cerclage stitch removed. On that day, they will keep me under observation as there is a teensy chance that I could go into labor -- it's a small chance, but they don't want to risk sending me home, only to have me go into labor. After Dr. Moore explained it to us, I asked him what would happen after. I was a little concerned that I could go into labor before 37-40 weeks, but he said that because Camden measures on the "fuller" side, he is not worried at all. He then smiled at both of us and threw his hands in the air and said, "After that, be prepared to be parents!" I think that for both J and I, it was a big jolt of excitement! 
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: J and I went to grab some Thai food the other day and I decided to have a Thai iced tea. When I had Thai iced tea during the last pregnancy, I remember being up until 3-4 a.m. because the girls were so hyped up and tumbled all night. That in mind, I drank so much water to dilute it that I stayed up anyway -- this time going to the potty about 10-12 times that night!
Sleep Pattern: I've been getting a very mild case of pregnancy insomnia, going to bed at about 1:00 - 2:00 a.m. each night. This, of course, results in my waking up at 10:00 a.m. the past few days, which I have not been so happy about, but am not fighting anyway :-)
Things I'm Really Missing: J asked me a similar question the other night. He asked what I was looking forward to the most after pregnancy, as far as my body. I told him that I wanted to feel comfortable enough to be able to sit down for a long time without backaches and side cramps or without my sweet little girl getting irritated and kicking my ribs for it. 
Things to Look Forward To: I am absolutely thrilled that this weekend is my baby shower. My dearest friends, Amy, Molly, Kristen and my mom have been planning this for a few months, in total party mode. I am so, so, so excited to see everyone.
Our countdown this week is at 1, 2, 3:
1 week {less, actually} until the baby shower
2 weeks until the cerclage removal
3 weeks until we are FULL TERM!

These past 9-10 months have flown by so fast and in a few short weeks, we will get the biggest reward of it all.


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