Lambs and Ivy -- A Great Experience!

It isn't everyday that any of us can say that we experience good customer service. We all know: these days, it's a rarity, and I'm sure we {I, myself, included} have all written our fair share of scathing Yelp! reviews for less than satisfactory service from establishments. 

This week, however, J and I have had the absolute pleasure of dealing with a Lambs and Ivy. Lambs and Ivy is a baby and toddler bedding, gift, and accessory company based in Southern California. For over 30 years, they have been one of the top brands in baby and nursery products.

We received this gorgeous crib mobile in the mail from a friend of ours for my baby shower

I registered for this particular mobile because it was perfect to match Cam's nursery, and let's face it, I was biased towards the Lambs and Ivy brand. 

Unfortunately, the mobile was not compatible with Camden's crib. Despite having an included extension kit with the mobile, its attachment arm could not accommodate the width of the side of the crib, which is wider than that of most cribs. J, the ever patient man who fights to never disappoint his wife {and in effect, his daughter}, called Lambs and Ivy's corporate office to inquire if this was an issue they had come across before, and if there was a solution that they could recommend to "jerry-rig" the mobile onto the crib. We were surprised to find out that this was the first time the company had been informed of this issue, and J was told that the person he spoke to would ask the designers to see if they had suggestions, and that J would get a call back in a day or two.

We all know the drill. In most stories like this, the conversation ends there -- the customer never gets the call back, leaving them frustrated and having to sell the item on Craigslist, and then having to purchase a whole other mobile.

Not so, for Lambs and Ivy. Sure enough, a day later, J received a phone call from the company. Although we were told that there is no current solution to our problem, evidently, after J had spoken to Ginger, the Credit Manager at Lambs and Ivy, the designers held a meeting to discuss our particular concern and ways in which they can correct this issue for anyone else who may have a similar issue in the future. Already, I was impressed by this. It is a rarity to  hear of companies entertaining questions like ours, let alone having its designers call and hold a meeting in regards to our concern. They requested J to send them pictures of the issue so that they can find a way to tackle this problem for the future. 

As impressive as their quick and proactive response already was, they went a step further, and told J that since there is no current solution to our concern, we could not only keep the mobile, but they would also be happy to send us any item from their entire catalog instead for our trouble. J and I looked through their website and, not needing anything else in particular after the baby shower, decided on the Pink Monkey Nap Mat -- it's like a sleeping bag {without the zipper} that has a soft padded bottom, a plush and fuzzy blanket, and a pillow all attached. 
Going a step even further, Ginger sent the following reply to J after he sent them the pictures of the mobile:

This e-mail was sent yesterday and this morning, the package from Lambs and Ivy already arrived via FedEx. The products are as adorable in person as they are on the website!

What a refreshing experience to deal with a company whose products are of wonderful quality and whose service and dedication to its customers go above and beyond expectation. Kudos, Lambs and Ivy! You guys are doing a fantastic job!


Ruby Agustin said...

I hope Ginger and the company are made aware of your blog so that they'll know that your appreciation of their wonderful customer service wasn't just lip service.
It's nice to know that there are real people like Ginger who are behind telephone lines and e-mail addresses and who respond positively and promptly to customers' concerns!
You're right - that's refreshing! More power to Lambs and Ivy!

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