37 Weeks

Weeks: 37 Weeks -- this is it!!
Weight Gain: +13 lbs. from pre-preggo weight. Looks like I've lost 2 lbs. since my last appointment!
This Week's Cravings: I've wanted a lot of sweets lately. I remember during my last pregnancy, I had a mug of rocky road ice cream with chocolate shell every night. Now, I've had a mug of cookie dough ice cream on most nights. Lately, too, I think as part of my nesting and efforts to keep busy, I've been baking a lot again. Yesterday, I made a goat cheese cheesecake, much to J's excitement. This weekend, I plan on making a s'more pie. 
New Maternity / Baby Purchases: I forgot to mention last week that although we already have a diaper bag, I convinced J to let me get another one. After much thought {and many magazine advice articles read}, I knew I needed a diaper bag that didn't just look like a diaper bag, but one that could double as a purse. Lucky enough, I was able to get one last week . . . on sale too! So, thank you, J for Camden's first Marc Jacobs tote. All I can say is be prepared, because I'm sure this will be the first of many. 
Moment of the Week: Our moment of the week actually came today {Tuesday}, which should really be considered for next week, as my preggo weeks start on Mondays; however, we do what we can. Today, we went to my doctor's appointment to check on our progress. Starting this week, my doctor's appointments are weekly. J and I were casually talking and joking around with Dr. Moore and his nurse, Kim, when Dr. Moore started doing the pelvic exam. I started to talk, but he said, "Hang on a sec, hang on a sec..." Immediately, J and I knew something was up. Sure enough, Dr. Moore told us that although my hopes of being induced today are squashed {The only reason we wanted to get induced today is because we are too excited. That, coupled with my constant discomfort, got us to joke with Dr. Moore that I'd be coming back for some Pitocin soon.} he did say that I am now 90-100% effaced and 2-3 cm. dilated!! Yessssss!!! Funny enough, I told J last night that I had a feeling we would go in and Dr. Moore would give us that news -- and I actually predicted that he would say 100% effaced and 4 cm. dilated -- but close enough! Pretty much, we are now at the "any moment now" stage. I've been doing everything to help move labor along, including sitting on my yoga ball constantly.
This Week's Pregnancy Cheat: J and I came home late from an event in LA last Friday. I should consider that a cheat in itself -- I convinced him {okay, I pouted for an hour to convince him} to let me come along to a Nike event at LA Live / Nokia Center for my brother. J is so leery about me going anywhere, especially long distances, as we are, in fact, so close to labor already. However, to add more cheat to the cheat, we got back to Orange County at about 9:00 p.m. and were starving . . . so we had sushi. I only ate limited amounts of it, but still it was soooo delicious and so worth it.
Sleep Pattern: I've made it a point to drink a lot more water lately {to curb constipation, mostly}, which, of course, equates to more frequent urination. My potty trips at night have increased to about 6-7 times, about once every hour. I honestly don't mind getting up so much, as I have been able to fall back asleep fairly quickly after each trip, but the hardest part has been the actual process of getting up and out of bed. It feels like I don't realize until the last minute that I need to go, so by the time I'm dragging my heavy body off the bed, I am in near {or sometimes mid}-contraction from holding it in for so long. On top of that, maneuvering a pregnant and now lopsided body over my enormous pregnancy pillow and off our very high bed is a feat in itself. 
Things I'm Really Missing: For most of this pregnancy, I've been lucky to have been able to wear much of my regular size clothes. I told J it helps to be kind of a smaller person because I could get away with non-maternity clothes for the most part. I've noticed, however, that the past few weeks, that rule has not applied. The tank tops and shirts that I used to be able to wear comfortably are now near-midriffs, lifting at the bottom, exposing my huge belly, and since I am so close to due date, I can neither justify any more maternity clothing purchases nor am in the mood to purchase any regular clothes, in my size or larger. So I guess it helps out that J and I have pretty much agreed {although more reluctantly on my part} that I just need to stay home or local these last few weeks of the pregnancy. 
Things to Look Forward To: There really is only one thing to look forward to now . . . and from what Dr. Moore has assessed, she's only a few more days away!


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