What is Love? A Lesson for Our Baby Girl

Dear Camden,

We are so close to the day we get to finally meet you in person. Throughout this pregnancy, I realized how true it is that every parent worries about their baby. Right now, our worry is getting you into our arms safely, healthily, and happily. I know that when you are born, we will constantly be worrying for your safety -- are you breathing? Are you eating well enough? Is your poop supposed to be this color? Daddy and I have met with your pediatrician last week, and we've warned her that the question "Should I be worried?" will be coming out of our mouths quite often.

Outside of that, we worry about how you will grow up. Parents want their children to fit in, to find themselves comfortable in their own skin, and whether as a child or an adult, we want you to find love. We want to teach and instill love in your heart so you know what to look for, what to expect, and what you deserve.

As your Daddy and I celebrate our anniversary today, I look forward to your life and I wish for you

The kind of love that opens your door and pulls out your chair even after 5 years of being together
The kind of love that wakes up at 2 a.m. just to help you take some Benadryl during an unexpected allergy attack
The kind of love that checks your car gas level and fills up your tank at 10 p.m. because you are going for a drive in the morning
The kind of love that argues with you because you are not napping enough
The kind that gives you a leg and foot rub without expecting one in return

A love that turns off his video game even during an intense battle because he sees you are in bed and decides to cuddle with you instead.
A love that goes out of his way to pick up treats for you {and your future baby} on his way home from work -- just because.
A love that lets you get angry as you think he has nothing planned for your birthday, just so he can keep up the surprise that ends up being an item being crossed off your bucket list
A love that listens to you vent and spin out and then just holds you when you're ready to cry

Most of all, I wish you the kind of love that cherishes the person you are, encourages you to be the best version of yourself, and one that you know will return yours forever.

Always yours,


Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

You made me cry! And Tim is all those things too...we are SO blessed to have these hubbies as our own. I pray for the same for my sweet girl...and I can't wait to meet yours!

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