It's Bunco Night and I'm on a Roll

I think my job here is done.
The neighborhood ladies have now pegged me Martha Stewart.
I'd like to make one thing clear, however:
The oxford shirts, I'm okay with. 
The haircut? 
I absolutely refuse.

I joke
but in all honesty, 
I DO love all the crafting and cooking and entertaining
and quite frankly, 
it has been a blessing to be able to do this.
It has helped us form new friendships
and nurture old ones.

Last night's first neighborhood Ladies Bunco Night 
was no exception.

I chose a Southern theme for this night,
largely because of my 
raging {yes, I used the word raging} love affair with mason jars,
which I knew would be the binding constant
for all the decor I was planning on using.

Not to mention,
this theme would be a great excuse for me to try to make
these pecan tartlets I'd been meaning to make for some time now.

I also made mini caprese salads,

two kinds of mini quiches,
mini pulled pork sandwiches
and grilled cheese sandwich bites
with creamy tomato soup shots

{I'm a sucker for everything mini}

And of course, what party would be complete
without a signature beverage?
I chose to have mint juleps
{served in my favorite latch bottles},
sweet tea, and lemon water
and labeled with adorable doily tags that I made.

{Yes, I realize that mint juleps are not supposed to be mixed with water, but at the same time, I didn't need to be blamed by the neighborhood husbands for their wives not coming home because they would have passed out on my living room floor with how strong the mix itself was! It was mostly bourbon!}

We spent the evening laughing and having so much fun learning how to play Bunco
that yours truly forgot to take pictures of us playing the game!
{and for those of you wondering, I won the night's Most Bunco's prize -- a whopping $25! Hooray for lunch money this week!}

I also got an adorable hostess gift
from my beloved Canadian Michéle,
who is an artist.
Her favorite hobby is glass fusing,
and she owns this amazing kiln to "bake" all her finished products.
She "baked" me something and it was such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

Merçi beaucoup, mon amie!

I must say, everyone had a wonderful time
and we are looking forward to next month's event!


Ruby Agustin said...

Wow, now I'm thrilled that I have a Martha Stewart, Jr. for a daughter!! Good job, honeybee!!

- Mom -

BTW, Ryan just loves the mini grilled cheese sandwich with the tomato soup! As for me, I say I'll be thrilled to try them all!

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