Okay, I Give.

I was bad.
I know.

A couple of weeks ago, I made the announcement on my Facebook page that J and I had finally begun again in our IVF process.

And since then, I have made no other mention of what else we have been doing in the process. 
I get it.
I've kept you hanging. 
I'm sorry.

I was very leery about sharing again,
advised by many that last year's set of posts
may have "jinxed" it.
I get what they are saying.
Traditionally, you're not even supposed to announce the pregnancy
until at least 3 months of gestation.
Many frowned on my decision to share the journey
and especially the good news so early with everyone.

But how could I not?

This blog was created exactly for that purpose: 
to share this incredible and miraculous process with our friends and family.

I know that some may still frown upon my decision to share all the details again,
so to them I say this:
{source: Pinterest}

After all, it is not through science, but our FAITH in God and His GRACE alone that we were blessed with our girls.

And yes, "jumping the gun" and announcing so early that the pregnancy took may not be the way of tradition,
but it allowed for J and me to involve everyone in our happiness,
to share our love for each other and the fruits of our love with everyone.

When I lost the girls, a dear friend was consoling me on the phone, and when I told her that I wanted my girls back, she told me something that reaffirmed our decision to share our news with everyone. She said,

"Angela, you shared those girls with us
from the time even before they were made.
Because of that, we take ownership of them too.
Your loss is ours.
Those girls . . . they were our girls too."

You never wish what happened to us to anyone else,
but knowing that your friends and family help carry your load
brings comfort and solace beyond explanation. 

So now I will continue to share with you.

As of today, I have been on Day 15 of my birth control pills again, which, as you may remember from this post 
or maybe this post
that this is the first of many phases of the treatment.

On Tuesday, September 27th, I will be undergoing the hysteroscopy. J and I also have our labs ordered through Kaiser, and we will be doing those. 
Yes, the irony is that our timeline is just like last year's.
This time last year was when we were going through all these procedures.
Wouldn't it be a kick if August 8th would be the next baby's due date?


bailey said...

thanks for sharing, cuz! love you and J! praying for you guys! <3

Aubrey said...

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey.

Implosion said...

Thanks for sharing and being inspiring.

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