Ladies Night

The meaning of Ladies Night has evolved for me in the past few years.
Earlier in my 20s, ladies night was some massively planned night out in the town,
lushly muddled by mass consumption of alcohol,
my friends and I parading ourselves in party mode galore.
In more recent times, 
and specifically, this past Friday night,
it was a small gathering {small meaning there were three of us},
huddled together in a neighbor's backyard
eating snacks,
sipping on wine and Grey Goose & soda
{and all within reason, of course},
giggling, sharing stories about family, fun, and future.
It was casual and intimate --
no formal invitations were handed out,
no drama was dished,
and it was just three friends enjoying each other's company.

Two of my neighbors, Lisa and Michele, and I had a wonderful time together in Lisa's "secret garden"...
Please bear with me as this is photo overload :-)

{cream cheese, fresh basil, and sun dried tomato "dip" by Lisa}
{savory bruschetta made by Michele}
{proscuitto, mascarpone, and chive on asiago baguette -- made by me!}
 a small candlelit affair
a cozy setting
we were not shy in eating our treats!
three friends just enjoying the first of autumn's cool evenings!


Ruby Agustin said...

you're right - what a change!

Juggling in Heels said...

I love these types of girls night! Food, wine, friends. Perfect!

Fogle said...

I don't think we were ever that crazy. :) But this looks delightful and fun. I want to sip wine under cozy blanks!

Anonymous said...

and..thank you for being a friend... and you too Lisa xx

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