We Wait

My almost-16-year-old brother {B&B's #1 fan} asked me two weeks ago, "How come you don't blog as much anymore?"

I looked at him bewildered. I had no answer. At least not a legitimate one. How do you explain {let alone justify} sheer laziness, or explain to him that you're starting to fear that you're starting to think you're a narcoleptic? I find it difficult to give reasoning or rationale to the fact that despite being what J calls "retired" from work now, I feel that I've been even busier {and in effect more exhausted} than when I was actually working a 9-5 job. 

For what it's worth, I did not want to plague my blog with mindless whining and incoherent thoughts. Quite honestly, things have been quiet in our home. The holidays, spent quietly with J, my stepson, my brother, and mom, came and went without event. {Although notably, I did receive a Silhouette Cameo, an item that had long been on my list of wants, for Christmas.} Weeks 11 and 12 of pregnancy occurred with no hiccups or even ridiculous cravings {if you ask J about the ridiculous cravings, however, he may actually give you a slightly different answer}. I have been busy with a laundry list of to-do's that I have had on my mind for over a year now -- things to organize, closets to clean out, rooms to prepare for the baby. Chores are at the top of my list and they take up so much of my time {outside of my duly appointed afternoon naps, of course}, but I figure, this is the price that we pay for wanting clean homes. Yes, it's tedious, and no, I should have never let it go this far, but whining about it doesn't do anything; I knew that action needed to be done in order to just get these items crossed off my mental lists. [Note: my house is not dirty. In fact, it's fairly clean. Post Christmas clutter, however, is a totally different issue.]

This past week, we visited Dr. Moore, who reported that Baby #3 is doing well and he scheduled my cerclage for January 17th. After the cerclage, we will be having ultrasounds every week to closely monitor my cervix, in hopes of deterring what happened last time from happening again.

For now, we sit and wait. At every visit, we have been ensuring ourselves pictures of Baby #3 {even if, at this early stage, he / she still looks like a glob of Jello} and we wait, knowing that we are still at the dawn of a year of promise and many more good things to come. 


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