A Stitch In Time

Today was a very important milestone for us: Cerclage stitch removal. 

For those of you who are newer to this blog, let me explain: I was pregnant with Aubrey & Finley last year when my cervix effaced and dilated at 20 weeks. The doctors diagnosed my case as cervical incompetency. Although it could not have been detected when it first happened, measures could be taken for the next time to prevent it from doing so. Hence, the cerclage. 

A cerclage is a stitch that is placed on the cervix at around 12-14 weeks of gestation to prevent effacement and in effect, preterm labor. It is important to place the stitch in that window of time because it is past the first major milestone in the pregnancy when miscarriage is most likely, and any later could be too late as the baby's growth could put pressure on the cervix. Think of it as like a drawstring / purse string stitch to keep the cervix shut. At about 35-36 weeks, it is removed so that natural effacement, dilation, and labor can occur. 
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My cerclage stitch was placed at 14 weeks, last January.

Today, we went to our 2:20 p.m. appointment with Dr. Moore to remove the stitch. Seriously, the removal procedure took all of a minute and a half. He showed us the mersilene band that he used {to me, it looked like a garbage bag tie. You know, the wire ones with the paper around it.}. Though short, the procedure, I must admit, was uncomfortable, but I did my best to just relax and breathe my way through it. Before I knew it, he was done! 

Dr. Moore also measured my belly, which he says is right on target for 35-36 weeks. We saw Camden via ultrasound and he noted a strong and regular heartbeat and good, sound movements, which he said is always a great indicator of vitality. He did mention that we are headed towards a roughly 7 1/2 pound baby, and with me being only 5 ft., 4 in., he does not want me to carry a bigger baby than about 8 pounds. What does this mean? Exactly what I was dreading: He says I now have to watch what I eat. I whine, but I'm only joking. I actually I have been watching what I eat for the most part during this pregnancy, largely because of my fear of gestational diabetes. I have been lucky to have gained only about 10-15 lbs. thus far. Still, I am dreading having to give up {or at least lessen} my Oreo Dream shakes from Ruby's Diner and my Boston cream cake from Nordstrom Cafe. 

After removing the stitch, Dr. Moore also did a physical assessment of my cervix and asked me if I had been getting contractions lately. While he was measuring the cervix, he even said, "I'm touching the baby's head right now." -- Not gonna lie, it took J and me back a little bit. {We both reacted the same way: "Whoa."}

Meeting back with him in his office, Dr. Moore told us that although I am only at about 35 1/2 weeks, my body is behaving as if it is full term -- and that's okay. He told me that I could literally go into labor at any moment, and with Camden's measurements and his general assessment of the situation, we would have little to nothing to worry about if she does decide to make an early appearance. My cervix, apparently, had already effaced a little bit due to the contractions that I have already been having lately. 

This is it! I have been waiting 9 months thus far to say this: We are at the home stretch! I don't even know if I can relay my excitement for Camden's arrival. Funny enough, being so scared and leery of overconfidence, I have watched quite a few birth videos online, just to knock some reality back in my head of what I will be going through, but really, it hasn't scared my usually very squeamish self. This little girl is all we have wanted, all we are waiting for, and nothing is going to stop me from wishing and waiting for her to be here.

Like NOW.


Ruby Agustin said...

I can't wait to see her. Everyday driving home, I always think of you and Camden's arrival.
God bless, honeybee . . .


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