A Blogger's Frustration

When my dear friend Kristen guest blogged the other day,
she made a mention that I take my blog seriously.
Simple statement, true in every sense, 
but funny enough, I never thought of myself that way.
But she's right:
This blog, much like my wedding was, 
{and quite frankly, much like my pregnancy with Aub & Fin}
a labor of love.
It's a hobby, yes.
It is a great source of relief, solace, pride, and happiness
and is something I pour my heart into.

And being someone who is just starting out in this blogging world,
I'm sure you can imagine the level of giddiness I feel
when someone comments {whether on Facebook or on my personal Facebook page or on Twitter or the Etsy shop}.

I'm not going to lie,
I thrive on the love our followers send
and get even more excited when a new person sends love via comment, let alone via follow.

There is no question that there are certainly many regular followers of the blog.
My stats page tells me that -- on a monthly basis, Benchmarks & Babies gets an average of 1500 unique page views.
But I think that people read the posts largely through links I post on Facebook.

While this is a fantastic enough feat, for a budding blogger, the number of page hits per month is tightly correlated to the number of actual followers of the site.

How does this translate to you, my faithful reader? This is where my shameless self plug comes in. I am asking you to help me get more followers on the blog. 

There are a few things you can do:
1. First and most important, FOLLOW the blog. See the section on the right hand side of the blog that says "Followers"? It's as simple as clicking on the "Join this site" button on that section and following the instructions.
{I promise you won't get any emails from me or the blog -- unless you choose to}

2. "Like" us on Facebook! 
Most everyone has one of these pages...
so it's as easy as adding us to your list of likes
{the coolness of adding us balances out your other, um, more obscure likes... i.e. "Turning over the pillow to get the cooler side" -- you know who you are!}
When you add us to Facebook, you'll be the first to know about new posts, giveaways, reviews, crafts, and recipes!

3. Tweet, tweet! Did you know we are on Twitter too?
Follow @BenchmrksBabies to get into my head!

Other ways to follow and support
your friendly, local Benchmarks & Babies Blogger:

Got a blog? Grab my button code and insert it into your blog sidebar! Email me so I can grab yours too!

Go to, search for Benchmarks & Babies, and click on our link from their site. Each click counts as a "vote" and the more votes we get, the higher the ranking, the more exposure Benchmarks & Babies gets!

I really appreciate everyone helping us out and sending out the word. {Tell your family, tell your friends, and tell your friends's friends!} Remember that this could potentially benefit you too: The more followers and regular page views B&B gets and the more exposure the blog has, the more sponsorships, contests, and giveaways we can do -- the more goodies you get!

{sidebar: See the new design? We owe our fabulous new decor to Masto Mama Designs! Isn't it perfect?!?!}

{Have a lovely week, you lovely readers!}


Aubrey said...

OMG This is so me too. I am so glad you put it out there and promoted your blog. I found you on Mommy Blogs and I think I have a new Fav! Thanks so much!

Angela said...

Hi Aubrey! Thanks so much for the follow! I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who feels this way too! Good luck on your blog as well! I'll be sure to follow you too!

kellymedens said...

I totally made # 50 :) idk if that is good or bad, but I have been reading for the last year or so... :) Loves it, keep it up - you're amazing

Jen said...

Nice blog! I am a new follower. I found you on the Welcome to the Weekend Blog Hop.

Find me at If you like....please follow!!

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