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If J is my heart, then this week's guest blogger could very well be my soul. 
We went to the same Junior High and High School, and in college, we became the best of friends and sorority sisters too!
I'm so proud to have Kristen guest blog for me!

I get an erratic phone call at 8 a.m. Fire? Famine? Car-break-down-go-boom? No, no, just Angela of Benchmarks and Babies wanting me to guest blog.

I tease, but she takes this shiz seriously. And why shouldn’t she? Besides a short 2002 Dead Journal episode (think a more macabre Live Journal), I’m not sure if I’ve ever blogged…I write for a living, but blogging seems a lot more personal, and in many ways much more expressive, which is why I commend her for taking to the pen (keyboard?) and doling out her feelings/crafts/coolness on a weekly basis.

Contributing then is a little challenging…I don’t have many feelings since the frontal lobe surgery (totally a joke, guys), nor do I craft (though I’d like to), and I’m not that cool—but I do know stuff. As the editor of a college entertainment publication (not a plug, just context, I swear), I get sent a lot of stuff to my home, which works as my magazine HQ here in San Diego. (The actual brick and mortar office is in LA). Some of the products are awesome (MAC makeup, anyone??); some of it is weird (yes, obscure New Delhi PR company, I’m talking to you); some of it is weirdly awesome.

UK company Shite Shirts ( is probably my favorite to date. Made up of different patterns sewn together into male button ups, these unique, every-shirt-is-a-new-creation concoctions are fabulous. (Not to mention they were like a marketing mirage…overnight I had six shirts delivered and not so much as a query or follow up as to their placement in our publication, now, almost six months later.)

Not super sure why they chose an antelope for their press photo, but we all have to remember: these are the British we are dealing with...

But, specifically, there is a lot of stuff sent to me that is perfect for Moms, ladies that leisure (or lunch), working women, and everything in between. So, as of this month, these are the items that I have received that I would truly recommend:

1.   Meeble Mail

I kind of like, love this stuff, and I don’t know why I didn’t discover it sooner. Meeble Mail is essentially electronic stationary. So, instead of sending out an email that won’t stand out, Meeble makes sure it does. This is what you do…Go to Select stationary from their hundreds of choices. Personalize with your monogram, your name, text, and/or one of their images (my Kappa Kappa Gamma alum self loves their old fashioned key). Purchase (usually $3-$5), and send to as many people as you want. I love to use these as thank you’s (dear Postal Service, my cards are just not important enough to spend $0.44 on) and as follow ups after a job interview or meeting a client/contact. Best, it's always on your computer, sittin’ back and lookin’ pretty until you push send.

Meeble your mail or you're playing with it.

2.   Rack Trap

The age old question: Where do I store all my stuff (credit card, ID, mini alcohol bottles...) when going out for the night? In your Rack Trap of course. This thing is genius. Tailored to fit snug up against your boob, it’s a little pouch that is inserted into your bra and keeps all your stuff locked away, like a little gnome (a gnome that is way too comfortable taking refuge against your lady part, that is). They have Rack Traps that are ideal if you’re (literally) on the run (sweat proof and made for the sports bra), and night out ones: lacy types as well as limited edition gold. (Tip: Don’t go to as you will be sorely disappointed; it is an “antler removal system” site which I feel begs an anonymous PETA email.) Instead, visit

Oh the markeing, what if they did the "Iraq trap"? They could be camo and the proceeds could go to like, hot soldiers...No, terrible idea?

3.   Piggy Paint

I got a request to cover this product since they just started making nail polish for dogs. As I generally don’t let my pooch upstage me, I checked out what else has to offer and found that Piggy Paint is not only a whole lotta cute, but the product was made by a woman on a mission.

Piggy Paint’s founder, Melanie Hurley, has two girls; naturally she wanted to paint their tiny toes in tones of their choosing. However, when she poured out the drug-store “kiddie friendly” polish on a foam plate and watched the paint eat away at it, she decided that she didn’t want to put anything on her kids that could eat through white trash dinnerware. Hence, Piggy Paint: nail polish that is non-flammable, water based, and made of natural ingredients. (No formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate, and acetone...and made in the USA.) But Piggy Paint is not just for dogs and kids, she has a “grown up” line called Refined, as well as these great gift sets for college students (you can select your school colors). Plus they have a logo with a pig on it; can you say “fave-sies” five times fast??

This little piggy went to Neiman Marcus...this little piggy stayed home...
4.   T-boxes

Kind of silly, kind of amazing. For those of us that don’t have bathroom quarters with a whole lotta space, these just make sense, though. T-boxes can be suctioned to the side of your toilet and have a spring loaded button to reveal, yes, tampons. Discreetly hide away these much needed evil items (up to eight)! Or don’t be discreet—they come in all sorts of fun colors, too. I think every house should have one, but definitely a must for college girls in dorms or high schoolers with lockers. Go to

I feel like there are just too many dirty comments that can be made about "t-boxing."

5.   Mimobot

My nerdy, nerdy self loves me some Mimobot. Made by Mimoco (, which sells all sorts of toy-like paraphernalia, Mimobots are small flash drives dressed up like some of your favorite characters. (Two to 64 KB’s is what these small little wonders can hold!) I was sent the Star Wars line (my significant other and I argued about who would get Darth for about ten minutes), as well as some Hello Kitty’s (including a nerdy one, below). There is also a Batman, a Transformers, and an artist series. Plus, you can buy “hoodies” to wrap your Mimobot in—the hoods connect to a key chain to take them to the office and beyond. Great for you, your bf, your kids, your baby daddy, that woman he’s got on the side…children you meet at the park…whomever.

Totally useful; totally scary when placed by your bedside.

Kristen Fogle has edited and written for magazines and in a freelance capacity for the past seven years. Currently, as the editor of the national college entertainment publication CLIQ Magazine (, she has interviewed celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Holly Madison, Audrina Patridge, and Dr. Drew to name a few. Recently, she received her M.A. in Rhetoric and Writing at San Diego State University, where she has also taught. An accomplished vocalist and actress, she enjoys taking part in the lively theater scene in San Diego, and is looking forward to directing her second show this month. A world traveler when she can, Kristen aspires to travel the globe full time, writing and meandering with her   beloved pound pup Kismet and her fiancĂ©-heyyy, Slade.

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Anna said...

I have to admit I totally read your blog whenever your posts come across my news feed, and I am especially glad I caught this one! Kristen is such an amazing writer that I feel like she is sitting here at the kitchen table with me! Keep up your awesome blog Angela not only are you so talented at this but your guest blogs are super fun!

Angela said...

Thanks Anna!!

Angela said...

Wait, I guess I'm still logged in as's Kristen... :)

Angela said...

ok now it's for realsies, Angela -- Thanks, Anna! I love being a blogger, and especially having friends who guest blog! I know I may be biased {i.e. my blog, my friend...} but seriously, were Kristen's gadgets not AMAZING?!?!

Ruby Agustin said...

i LOVE your entry, Button! thanks for gracing Angie's blog!

Captain Morgan said...

The mimobots sound rad, but i have to ask you did mean MB instead of KB, yes? If they only sport enough memory for a medium-sized bitmap image, the seem better suited for pure decoration.

Otherwise, very cool piece.

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