The Idaho Montage

You know when you go on a trip
and you just can't seem to get over it?
About what a wonderful time you had
and the magic you felt when you were around these people?
How you can't help but feel so lucky and blessed
that God let you be a part of this amazing group, this warm and welcoming family...
How even this weather 
{which you secretly feared because you'd never been to Idaho before and don't know what to expect}
somehow knew you'd be visiting
and surprisingly cooperated so well
and gave you warm and dry temperatures
and sunsets that lasted until 10:45 p.m. {no, SERIOUSLY.}
How you catch yourself closing your eyes in the midst of it all
as if you're drinking it all in...

The after-effects of trips and experiences like these
are what my mom calls "hangovers".
Not like the one you got the morning after you had one too many Tokyo Teas from your favorite watering hole.
But the feeling that you get when you're on sort of a high
from this amazing thing you just did.

Hence the birth of the Idaho vacation montage.
Because I cannot be more thankful
for places like this,
people like these,
and the times when you think that your world has ended 
and you just KNOW your life has been saved by the love that surrounds you.
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