Redecoration Nation Part III

I told you so. 
I told you I'd been having a love affair
. . . with mason jars, that is ;-)

As promised in my preview post earlier this week,
here is a new addition to my decoration addiction.

So last week, I was perusing on Craigslist
{yes, I am a total gypsy. I LOVE Craigslist.}
And I saw this sweet corner unit.

I needed a corner shelf / hutch for my dining room
and I lucked out with this baby.

Cute, right?

Here are the touches I added to it:

Mason jars on a cake pedestal.
The mason jars are standard Kerr widemouth jars
and the cake pedestal was purchased from Crate and Barrel last year.

These vintage milk bottles are a recent find also from Crate and Barrel. 
I absolutely fell in love with them and it was such a bonus to me that they are Italian glass!

You asking about these babies?
Yes, they are some of my new favorite items in my house!
And the best part?
They are upcycled projects I made!
They were inspired by a find I had from Pinterest!
These vases are actually ones that my flowers have come in when J had given me some {i.e. Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and -- the best kind -- the "just because" ones!}.

J had bought me some paint in chartreuse green / Tiffany blue
{I sent him to Home Depot with one of my Tiffany boxes to get the correct blue}
and I used them to paint the inside of the vases.
{a DIY project to come in a future post!}
Now they stand proudly on top of my new corner hutch
next to my peonies in my white ceramic pitcher...
and I am

So next project to share:
My newly "vintage" tinted mason jars.
I haven't exactly figured out where they will be placed,
but I know I'm going to use them as lanterns
for my upcoming Bunco party that I'm hosting for the neighborhood ladies.
Our theme: Southern Belles and Mint Juleps!
Stay tuned for that post!

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