Much-Anticipated Results

June is back! Although Debbie was very nice and easy to deal with last week, it still feels great to have our regular nurturer at PRC back.

I didn't waste any time, and called as soon as I had a moment this morning. We had been anxiously awaiting the results of the pathology lab, and I had a few questions, as I received another pack of birth control pills in the mail on Thursday.

June explained the lab results and thankfully, they came back negative for malignancies. She added that one of the perks of using IVF actually is the hysteroscopy, as Dr. Salem actually "cleaned [me] out". In other words, because the hysteroscopy is not only an exploratory surgery, but also involves suctioning out any polyps and excess endometrial lining there is in the uterus, it creates a pretty-close-to-ideal environment for a fetus to live in. It's just like your house right after the housekeeper leaves. Further, I had some dark discharge a few days ago, which was explained to me as just "old blood" and my body's way of cleaning house after the irregular bleeding in July/August as well as after the hysteroscopy.

Dr. Salem does want me to finish out the last of my first pack of birth control pills, which I only have six left of. This means I will be done with it by this Sunday, the 26th, and get a menstrual flow next week. From there, I will need to start the next (new) pack of BCP on the 4th day of my cycle (e.g. the 4th day after the start of the flow) and take those throughout the month of October. We start weaning me off the BCP around the 25th, when the 3 weeks of Lupron shots start. From there, I will be taking 3 more weeks of shots and fertility drugs and hormones to include hGC, doxycyclin, Medrol, and progesterone. (Don't worry, those terms are all close to Greek for me; I'll explain further in later blogs as I get more clarification on them).

We are still, so to speak, on track with everything. Although this part feels long and tedious, I am feeling inspired and determined and supported by everyone around us. With each moment that John and I get closer to having a child (or two? or three?) we are much more thankful for each other and we feel the love for our still-theoretical children. I am ready as I will ever be... as anyone will ever be. I feel in my heart that our prayers are slowly being answered. As long as we keep our faith, then we know we can keep going on this journey.

I'm working on putting up a calendar widget so that you can view our progress with IVF. Hopefully I can figure one out soon.

Thank you for all your following, support, and prayers! We appreciate them all!


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