Appetite (or Lack Thereof)

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6 weeks and 3 days pregnant today.
In general, I've been feeling pretty well. The nausea has been at a minimum, and nothing that I haven't been able to avert by a magic combination of my Sea Bands and ginger ale. I have kept a stash of ginger ale at work for about the past week and it's helped me in those questionable moments when I feel that my already large head is about to topple over in queasiness. Last week, I also found myself getting hungry in between breakfast and lunch and my coworker gave me a granola bar to hold me over. 
My snack stash consists of a box of saltine crackers, white cheddar Cheez Its, two kinds of crunchy granola bars (pecan delight and peanut butter), and a large bag of salt & vinegar chips. It seems that my sweet tooth has taken a [temporary??] backseat to my want and need for anything crunchy and salty. At home, I have not eaten much of the pound cake we bought last week. (Read: Much as he might not admit it, John has eaten the lion's share of it) Since we don't normally keep snack food items at home, I have not snacked on much, except for the jar of cocktail onions I bought last week. The other night, after buying two boxes of white cheddar Cheez Its (one for work, one for at home -- they were on sale, 2 for $5), I sat down and ate a handful of them dipped in pure sour cream. 
It sounds like a lot when I discuss it like that, but really, I have found that my appetite has diminished quite a bit since finding out about the pregnancy. I eat only because I know I have to feed the little sweet peas inside me. Even when I am hungry, NOTHING ever sounds good. Nothing sounds appetizing, and quite frankly, so much so that there is not one food item that when mentioned, does not make me feel ill. Earlier this week, I went through a Subway sandwich kick. For lunch on Monday and Tuesday, as well as Monday's dinner, I had a roast beef sandwich on honey oat -- a tiny bit of light mayo, some mustard, a tiny bit of lettuce, onions, peppers, olives, salt & pepper, oil & vinegar. On Wednesday, someone mentioned noodle soup, and it surprisingly sounded good, so I ordered an udon soup from a nearby Asian cafe, which I had for lunch then, and had the leftover broth and shrimp of it today. Of course, this left me starving by 5:00 p.m., so I had a chicken strip kids meal, and now, waiting for John to get home, I am too full to have any dinner. 
This seems to be a constant problem and I really need to find a happy medium in my eating habits. I've noticed I eat a light breakfast (which makes me nauseous afterwards), a small snack, then a light lunch (which again, makes me feel yakky). On that part, I think I'm good. My dilemma comes after I get out of work at 5:00 p.m. and am home for a couple of hours before John gets in. We have always  made it a point to eat together, but now, due to my after 5pm snack being a little larger, I am too full or too post-meal queasy to eat anything else by the time he gets home. The other night, it was the Cheez It and sour cream combo that made me too full to eat with him and tonight, it was the chicken strips. Although I know he isn't complaining tonight, especially now that he is going to be picking up some In-N-Out for himself, I do feel completely guilty about him having to eat by himself. More than that, I used to cook for him every night and now I haven't cooked in about a week. I most definitely have not cooked at all THIS week. I feel like a completely horrible wife.

On another aspect of this pregnancy, John has been beyond incredible. Last weekend, he went with me to Barnes & Noble as I wanted to peruse some pregnancy journals. My mom is buying mine for me, but she wanted me to look for the exact one that I want. While looking there, John found this book:

The original version, Oh The Places You'll Go, is one of my most favorite Dr. Seuss books. This book is really meant to be read while the baby is in utero, and John has read it to what we now endearingly call, "The Belly", a few times.

My mom also bought this book for John:
and John was so excited and he can't wait to use it.
Another surprise has been my new pregnancy pillow. I'm not going to lie -- it's MONSTROUS, but it really works. Completely provides so much support and is sooooo incredibly comfortable.
This coming Monday is the big day when we find out how many babies we will be having. As I've mentioned many times, we will be thankful for one, two, or even (gulp) three -- whatever number God wants to give us, as long as the baby/ies are happy, healthy, and normal; however, we would both prefer two. Please please please continue to cross your fingers for us for twins!!
More to come when we get the news!


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