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Bench “Designer” Embryo 1 & Bench “Designer” Embryo 2

We went in for the embryo transfer today and it went well. We arrived at PRC at exactly 8:30 a.m. and were in the procedure room by 8:45. They ended up not giving me Valium, which was fine with me, as it felt almost like just a regular pap smear appointment, except for the angle of the bed and stirrups, which were like 45 degrees facing up. A little awkward, but not entirely uncomfortable. Dr. Salem (Sr.) came in with Debbie later on, and they opened a door to the adjoining embryo lab where the embryologist came and went during the procedure. John stood above me and held my hand during the whole process. With not too much details I want to get into (it wasn’t gnarly, just, um, intimate), the procedure went without a hitch.

Out of the 11, basically 5 reached the right maturity as of today, and three of which were girls. We chose to transfer the top two girls (of course) and chose to freeze the remaining one if it reaches the desired maturity within the next couple of days. 

After the procedure, they instructed me to stay laying down for a while and gave me the final instructions before going home. Pretty much, I will be in bed the entire three days. No getting up except for going potty. My biggest panic is not being able to shower until Monday evening. I mean really? I shower religiously no more than every 24 hours. But ok, I’ll allow it :-)  John has set me up in bed, getting my laptop on a laptop desk (no laptops or any heat on my abdomen allowed), putting pillows under my pelvis and legs, and providing me with the TV remote. 

With my very short attention span, these three days will be veeeeeerrry long. Thank goodness it’s mostly on the weekend so John can keep me company.

Will have many updates for you all. Thank you again for praying for us and with us. Please continue to do so too.


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