First Giveaway!

In the effort to keep myself busy and not wallowing
I've decidedly been busier with crafts and blogging.
But I need your help!
I would like to build my followers and make this blog legit! So I decided, what better way to get followers than to do a giveaway -- that way, I win and you win!
Here's what you have to do:

 Follow my blog {go to the right hand column and click "Follow"

{this is KEY!} Tell as many of your friends to follow the blog too.

3. On the comments section of this post, put in the name of the person who told you to follow my blog {or in your friends' case, have them put YOUR name in because YOU referred them!}

4. At the end of this week, I will tally up who has the most referred followers and that person wins the prize!


So what's the prize, you ask?

For the guys:
TWO tickets for Regal Movies

or for the ladies
{and this is good}
an exclusive handmade BENCHMARKS & BABIES ruffle flower necklace!

so go ahead! get your friends to follow Benchmarks and Babies!

good luck!


Jay Girl said...

I followed this blog for YOU Angela...but you can't win ;) Love ya! - Jenna

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