Drugs Are On The Way

Originally posted on my Tumblr Blog on Oct 15, 2010 11:07pm
I realized today, perhaps a little delayed, that as all of our in-vitro events get closer, I will have no choice but to write more blog entries. I guess this isn’t exactly the worst thing, but I did try very hard not to post daily, as there is such a thing as overkill. It was not taken into account, however, that as developments in our little adventure get closer together, the more information I will have to either (a) try to remember [NOT happening] or (b) spew out into the universe via Tumblr.
 And here we are again. 
 My last sent email to June yesterday was left unanswered. You can imagine the wheels tinkering and turning in my head as I awaited her response. The email contained a vague yet somewhat accurate rendering of what goes on in my head. Poor June had to be subjected to a barrage of questions hurled at her: “I haven’t received the planner and the prescriptions. Have you sent it? When it arrives, would I have enough time to order the fertility drugs and have them be here before Thursday next week? What is the exact price? If they don’t arrive before Thursday, what would we do? Would we have to reschedule?” 
 When I didn’t hear from her as of 10 a.m. today, I called John in a mild freak-out mode that I am sure he had not expected to see after our wedding. My incredibly intuitive husband then decided to just call June himself. She finally called me at about 11 a.m., and explained that she had started emailing me back, but upon realizing it was going to be an extensive paragraph or six, she thought she’d better call me and do so verbally instead. 
 June explained that PRC would just get the prescription order ready and fax it to one, two, or a combination of three pharmacies located in different places in the country. The reason for the varied locations is that while one offers a $150 discount per $2000 order, another offered free shipping, and another offered to throw in Lupron with the purchase of all the rest of the fertility drugs. June informed me that she and a colleague are working on figuring out what to order from whom so that we would get our money’s worth. At some point either today or tomorrow, I would hear from the pharmacy/ies soon after PRC faxes over the prescription. During that time, I would order the medicine and pay via credit/debit card. 
 As we were not entirely sure how much the total cost of the fertility drugs would be, I took an extended lunch to run home and transfer $4000 into my bank account so that I would be able to order the drugs easily with my debit card. By 5 p.m. and not having heard from neither June nor any pharmacy, both John and I got worried. (I think I was worried for the timing and he was probably more worried that if I didn’t hear from anyone and have at least a little bit more control over this situation, I would implode, self-destruct, much like the way they used to send messages in Mission Impossible). Thankfully, June called John at almost 6 p.m. to notify him that the prescriptions had been faxed. Soon afterwards, I received a phone call from Freedom Pharmacy and was able to order the Gonal-F pen. 
 The Gonal-F pen is the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) that I will be self-injecting daily after Lupron and before the extraction procedure. The goal of the FSH is to induce my ovaries to produce and release more than one follicle (egg) in one cycle/month. That way, the IVD doctors can harvest the follicles on extraction day and inject as many follicles with sperm extracted from John, thus giving us more “choices” in which two eggs we eventually want to transfer back into me. 
 I was relieved to hear that the pharmacy ships the FSH overnight and that I could have it delivered at work. We are still waiting to hear from either one or two more pharmacies to get more confirmations on more fertility drugs and my Lupron.
 We are getting closer and closer to our goal! Will update again as soon as I get all the fertility drugs in.


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