October 27, 2010

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This video and posting is a day late due to some uploading issues, but here ya go!
Finally started Lupron!
John woke me up at 6:00 a.m. yesterday, Monday the 25th, so he could administer the shot. We had a discrepancy on how much he was supposed to give me – as we were told I had to get 10 units of it, John was not sure whether the top of the bevel on the syringe was supposed to reach the actual 10 or whether the bottom of the bevel was the baseline.
Upon checking with June, she verified that the correct dosage had the top of the bevel touching the 10 mark, so I was instructed to take another 5 units when I got home last night, as I only got 5 units in the morning
When I got home, I administered the 5 units to myself and was so surprised at how easy it was! There was a little pinch, but the shot was over and done with before I knew it. Today, I administered the full 10 units on myself and was fine. I have noticed each time, however, that I got a little red around the puncture spot for a while, as if I had a bug bite, and it was a little sore, but nothing more significant than that to report.
So far, it is only Day 2, and I have not noticed any significant side effects, except for extreme fatigue, but I am attributing that to our exhausting weekend of entertaining for my tapas birthday party on Saturday night, my surprise from John on Sunday morning (he had someone come to the house and give me a massage – AMAZING), and having my mother-in-law and her two girlfriends stay until late Sunday afternoon. I also have not been able to drink coffee, as I was advised by June to avoid caffeine, as it interferes with the estrogen levels that we are trying to regulate in my body. John and I have been so exhausted that we went to bed at 8:45 p.m. last night and slept all the way to 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. today, respectively, and plan to do the same tonight.
There is a feeling that I am fighting to catch my breath this past week. With all the getting ready for the party, entertaining until late Sunday, and now preparing for John’s sister and her family to join us for Halloween, I feel a little daunted, as if I have bitten off more than I can chew. Normally I am always up to entertain, and I have had fun doing so, but now I feel like everything is catching up with me and I am just plain tired. I am equally tired as I am excited to spend time with everyone.
John and I plan on going to bed early every night this week so that we can catch up on precious sleep and rest before the next few weeks of get-togethers, holidays, and of course, in-vitro appointments and fertility drugs.
As always, as my incredible husband says, “Eye on the prize . . . “


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