Lupron Lesson

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Lupron Lesson is done! John and I both got off work early yesterday (although I did go to work at 6:30 a.m. to make up the hours) and went to our appointment at 4:00 p.m.

First off, my poor husband got into a fender bender on his way to work in the morning. Luckily, although his front bumper was badly damaged, he himself was fine. Even if the repairs will be an expense despite auto insurance, I am just thankful that he came out unscathed, though a little shaken. This poor man who had never in his life caused any accident, told me that he felt so dumb and careless, and had to be reminded several times that it was, indeed, an accident, and that it was not his fault. I think men, in general, tend to take things like this with the same stride.

At any rate, I ended up driving us to PRC yesterday. We left a few minutes early, in the hopes of getting the appointment earlier. We brought all of our fertility drugs, syringes, and needles with us, so as to have June go over everything and we can get organized and familiar with the items.

We signed in and didn’t wait long at all, as Mia, the receptionist, led us upstairs to the financial department office. We went over the financial contract and payment with Rosie, who I had spoken to a few days ago on the phone. We gave her our cash payment and yes, we carried a big envelope of $xxxxx in pure cash. It was funny to watch them Rosie and Mia count out stacks of bills as I thought they must have thought we were so weird for paying this way.

Soon we went into June’s office to begin the lesson and consultation regarding all the drugs and hormones we received, as well as the planner/calendar and consent forms we received in the mail on Wednesday. John and I had reviewed the contracts and consent forms on Wednesday and the only thing we are not electing to do, at least as far as this IVF cycle is concerned, is cryopreservation, which involves PRC freezing the embryos we do not use this cycle for one year, in the event that we want to use them then to have another baby. It is a smaller cost, in comparison to all the other “extras” we added (i.e. PGD to choose the gender, etc.) but our mindset is that we want to put all the faith in this one cycle, in keeping the positive attitude that this ONE time will be successful. In the event that we do need the second cycle, we will go ahead and reconsider cryopreservation then. There was a lot of laughter as John and I joked around with June a lot, telling her that she must think we’re both crazy as we e-mail and call her almost daily. We are both thankful that she has been so patient, accommodating, and accessible to us.

June went over our tentative calendar with us thoroughly but quickly, and going over the medication was fairly easy. June was quite impressed with us as we knew all about the medication and how to administer the shots, thanks to our tedious research and watching videos on YouTube. The needle I will be using first is the Lupron needle, which is tiny – only about ¾ of an inch long and only about as thick as a hair. Super tiny. I am still nervous to get the shots, as I am not a fan of needles, but I am hoping that it is as easy as all the YouTube videos we’ve watched. June also mentioned that at the end of this whole process, I will be an expert at taking shots . . . and I also kept on hearing John’s voice in my head, “Eye on the prize, babe.” June was also nice enough to go over each package of the needles and syringes and label them for us, and let us know when and where we will need them. After wrapping up the demonstration, she sent us home with some samples of prenatal vitamins as well as some applicators that I will need for my doses of vaginal supplements of progesterone later on (YES, you read it correctly. Boy, that will be a post that everyone will be looking forward to. Oy, vey.).

Feeling relieved and energized that our appointment is done and that we are moving along, John and I went to Bristol Farms in Newport to do some shopping for the tapas party we are having this weekend to celebrate my birthday. Putting together a party, especially one with such a specific theme, has been a great distraction. It keeps our mind off the emotional stress of IVF, and it gets us together with our closest friends and family. We are both looking forward to this weekend’s party – although I am not so much looking forward to turning 27. Talk about late twenties . . .

On Monday, we will be starting my first Lupron shot. I am hoping to document it via video and will be sure to post it quickly. Until then . . .


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