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Yes, the apple (or in this case, the 11 apples) does not fall far from the tree.  John's and my future "children" really are Type A's (or as John says, Type A+'s).
Yesterday, at my egg retrieval, Dr. Abdallah got the magic 11 eggs. Late this morning, I received a phone call from "Hank", an embryologist from PRC who reported that at first, 8 of the 11 eggs were fertilized. While this is already awesome news, they performed Intercytoplasmic Sperm Injection (known as ICSI) on the remaining eggs, where they physically inject the sperm into the center of the egg:

So the news just got greater:
11 out of the 11 eggs are fertilized!!!!
Hank also noted that it was even more fantastic because sometimes when sperm have been "locked in" post-vasectomy and especially after so much time, their motility is compromised. Well, not Mr. Bench's sperm! Those guys were motile and active and perfect!
Now all we have to wait for is the PGD this Friday to determine which of the embryos (so exciting to finally be able to use that term right now!) are girls so we can get them graded prior to the transfer, which will happen this Saturday or Sunday.
It's happening, everyone!! Please continue your prayers with us -- God is going to grant us our greatest wish!! 


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