DIY Canvas Wall Art

I've been obsessed with crafting lately. I guess it's a good way for me to keep my mind busy. I told J that I feel about it probably the same way he feels about playing video games. It's mindless, relaxing, and at the end of the day, I have products as a result.

At any rate, I saw these canvas wall art pieces on a board on my other obsession / inspiration: Pinterest. I promise you all, once you try out this version of virtual crack, you will never be not busy. Here is my version of applique canvas wall art:

What you need:

How to make it:

1. draw and cut out the shape you want to use on the brown paper bag. for this particular project, i used balloons. {but you can use any other shape -- clouds, banners, birds, leaves, etc.}

2. using the paper bag cutout as your template, cut out pieces of different colored fabric.

3. WITHOUT using the glue {just yet}, set up the fabric cutouts on the canvas.

4. when you have a general idea of where you want to place your cutouts, put a teensy bit of hot glue on the center of each one. try to put the glue on as flat as possible instead of a big glob. glue each cutout on the canvas in the place you allotted.

5. from your skein of thread, separate two strands and set it up on your needle.

6. put a little bit of the fray block on the edges of each cutout. pat it down so that the fabric lightly adheres to the canvas.

7. hold the canvas up to a light source to determine where to place your first stitch. {i made two stitches on the bottom part of the balloon first, where the knot would be on a real balloon}

8. {the tedious part} place a simple running stitch on the edges of all your shapes. 

in this case, for the balloons, i also put a back stitch on the top part of the balloon "string" but I let the bottom ends fall freely.

when all the balloon strings are complete, gather and glue them to the bottom and back of the canvas.

10. to stitch the word, i poke holes in the shape of each letter to use as a guide for when i am doing the back stitch on the canvas.

11. as extra precaution, i like to run my hot glue over all the stitching and especially the knots on the back of the canvas.

And ta-da!! You have yourself a pretty piece of handmade art!
You can use any word, phrase, and shapes you want.

Yes, I know I used "faith" and "hope"... no, the next one is not going to be "love"... the next will be "grace" {we are planning on giving our next daughter the middle name HOPE, for many obvious reasons}.

happy crafting!


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